PeterH on March 31st, 2013

Mercedes-Benz Leichtmetallräder Sommer 2013

Stuttgart.  When winter slowly draws to a close and temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius are to be expected on a lasting basis, it is time to switch to summer tyres.

This is also just the time to upgrade your car with a set of attractive light-alloy wheels. Mercedes-Benz Accessories is now presenting various new wheels, several in sporty 19-inch size and featuring a high-sheen finish, for numerous current model series. (more…)

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PeterH on March 31st, 2013


Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI, (C117), 2012

Stuttgart.  Two Mercedes-Benz passenger car models have been awarded the coveted red dot award: the A-Class and the new CLA-Class. The award ceremony for the world’s most renowned design competition will take place on 1st Juni 2013 in the Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany. Following this the winners will be displayed in a four week-long special exhibition in the red dot design museum. (more…)

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PeterH on March 26th, 2013

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 Edition 1, (C117), 2012

Sleek as they come

Stuttgart.  The CLA is set to establish a new segment, with world-leading aerodynamics (Cd = 0.22), avant-garde coupé design and 4MATIC all‑wheel drive (optional). As a new four-door coupé it follows the idea of the CLS, whose design concept has spawned more than its fair share
of imitators since its debut in 2003. (more…)

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Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG, S-Modell (W 218), 2012

The new benchmark: CLS 63 AMG as S-Model and with 4MATIC

Affalterbach – Performance update for the CLS 63 AMG: along with the new E 63 AMG, the latest model upgrade also benefits the CLS 63 AMG in its Coupé and Shooting Brake variants. (more…)

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PeterH on March 20th, 2013

Real Life Safety: Verkehrszeichen-Assistent

First assistance system in the fight against vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road

Stuttgart – In recent months there have been a shocking number of fatal accidents caused by so-called wrong-way drivers. Mercedes‑Benz has now developed an assistance system which aims to eliminate this threat and can even prevent drivers from driving unintentionally in the opposite direction to the flow of traffic. (more…)

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Early Reveal - The All New Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2)

  • A unique tradition since the early days of the brand
  • Captivating in the sum of its qualities
  • The world’s best-selling luxury vehicle

Stuttgart – The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a byword for luxury, comfort, and driving safety. Because of that, this family of model series has had an enduring impact on the reputation of the brand. Its long and distinguished history stretches back to the beginning of the 20th century. (more…)

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