“Yellow Angel” award for active safety

  • Most important automotive innovation prize awarded for the seventh time
  • Jury votes a Daimler innovation to first place for the fourth time

Europe’s largest automotive association, the ADAC (German Automobile


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PeterH on February 8th, 2012

Caution, pedestrian on the road!

The Night View Assist Plus with new spotlight function is a complex combination of a variety of technical functions.

Infrared headlamps, night vision camera, multipurpose camera, spotlight headlamps, instrument cluster display and headlamp switch are all coordinated by several control units using complex software.


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PeterH on December 17th, 2011

Redefinition of automotive luxury: emission-free driving in First Class

  •       Trailblazing concept for large, luxurious automobiles
  •       F-CELL Plug-in HYBRID with a range of 1000 km
  •       Revolutionary hydrogen storage technology
  •       Lithium-sulphur high-voltage battery with high energy density
  •       Pioneering battery charging by induction
  •       e4MATICall-wheel drive with four wheel electric motors and individual torque control at each wheel
  •       Bodyshell of lightweight hybrid construction with gull-wing doors for optimal access, more safety and reduced weight
  •       Innovative saloon car architecture of avantgarde design
  •       Driver-fitness safety and ease of operation at the highest level, thanks to natural touch, gesture and voice control
  •       Always online, always connected with “@yourCOMAND” Cloud-based infotainment



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PeterH on September 12th, 2011

Focus On Digital Brand Communication and Social Media

  • Live streaming of press conference and blogger talk at the IAA
  • Large-scale online casting on Facebook and Mercedes-Benz Reporter Blog
  • iPad and iPhone app wins two design prizes   (more…)

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PeterH on September 3rd, 2011

Mercedes-Benz innovation: NANOSLIDE for lower consumption

Stuttgart – After five years and use exclusively in AMG engines, twin‑wire arc spraying technology will now also be used in the series production of Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. Mercedes-Benz was the developer of what is now known as NANOSLIDE technology, in which twin-wire arc spraying is used to melt iron/carbon wires and spray them onto the cylinder surfaces of the lightweight aluminium crankcase with the help of a gasflow.

Very fine finishing of the resulting nano-crystalline iron coating creates an almost mirror-like, smooth surface with fine pores, which reduces friction and wear between the piston assembly and the cylinder wall. Other advantages include lower engine weight, less fuel consumption and lower emissions. This innovation from Mercedes-Benz has been successfully used in the 6.3-litre AMG engines since 2006.


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PeterH on July 30th, 2011

New safety system for the upcoming A and B-Class

Stuttgart – Almost half of all rear-end collisions can be avoided with the help of radar-based safety systems such as collision warning and adaptive Brake Assist, or their effects mitigated. This is a finding from detailed accident analyses carried out by Mercedes-Benz accident researchers, which incorporate experiences gained from the Mercedes innovations DISTRONIC PLUS and BAS PLUS.


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