PeterH on August 17th, 2005

Today was one of those days where I just love my life. I came up to the Benz dealership this morning and the guy I am working under this week tells me that he has a special treat for me. Outside is a used 2003 Mercedes-Benz CL600, yep the one with the 500-horsepower, 800 Nm (590 lb/ft) of torque twin-turbo V12 engine. And guess who could have some serious fun behind the wheel of that baby? ME! :praise:] I didnt have to drive it anywhere, the dealership just allowed me to go take it out and have some fun! Didnt even ask if I could drive it. Damn it I love my life, I really do! :bigsmile:] (more…)

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PeterH on August 14th, 2005

C320 CDI

I love this car I really do. I wasn’t much of a C-Class fan until the facelift made it much better. And now, with this engine under the hood, the cars kicks so much ass. Under the hood is the new 3.0 V6 CDI diesel engine with 224-horsepower and 510 Nm (376 lb/ft) of torque. Mated to the 7Gtronic, it can reach 62 mph in just (more…)

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PeterH on August 14th, 2005

I had to drive a used 200_ C270 CDI T-Modell to Landshut. This C-Class was still a pre-facelift model so that meant cheaper interior materials and a not so sporty drive.

But the engine under the hood meant that it would be a pretty fun car to drive. (more…)

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PeterH on August 12th, 2005

Testdrives of the new M-Class start soon, so I asked Mr. Schultz if I could try the old M-Class to experience the difference once the new one was available for testdrives. The weather was perfect for an SUV testdrive as well. First it rained hard and strong, then it just drizzled down lightly. Perfect SUV weather. (more…)

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PeterH on August 1st, 2005

Holy sh*t… *takes a deep breath*…holy sh*t…*let’s that sink in thoughtfully*… let me begin by saying that this car is absolutely insane! I was expecting something powerful but this car completely exceeded all my expectations and completely blew me away. Wow! For a diesel, this thing was brutal: even more so than the already fast E320 CDI! (more…)

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PeterH on January 1st, 2003

Nervous, me? Ooh no!, Ok maybe a little… AARGHH! Who am I kidding !

When taking place behind the wheel in the Mercedes Benz E55 AMG Kompressor 2003 i felt my knees starting to get a bit shaky.
I was about to take this car out for a test drive. (more…)

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