PeterH on November 5th, 2006

Christian on the E280CDI
I finally did it: drove the new facelifted W211 E-Class!

The model I tried was the new E280 CDI in Avantgarde trim level. This was going to be an interesting testdrive, because I can compare the new facelifted E-Class directly to our very own 2002 E320, one of the first delivered in all of Germany.

500big_E280CDI1 (more…)

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PeterH on July 1st, 2006

Driving this car was like a “no drama at all” feeling.

SLK200 0606 (2) (more…)

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PeterH on December 29th, 2005


I have almost forgotten that i got to drive the CLS55 AMG some time ago (how COULD i forget that). So here are some images and a little teststory of this super nice car with a a sound that is breathtaking..


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PeterH on November 23rd, 2005


Oh yeah, I finally got to experience the joy of driving an SLK350! :sun:] This SLK had a nice light metallic blue color to it. Not my favorite color, but it looked ok on the car and I was happy the thing wasn’t black as it was a hot day. Great car, great car!
Now, let’s make this clear from the start. SLK350 = 3.5-l 4-valve per cylinder V6 with 272-hp and 350 Nm of torque (258 lb/ft). The SL350 I drove yesterday had a different engine (3.7-l V6, 245-hp). ] (more…)

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PeterH on November 12th, 2005

Christian gets to drive the new W221 S-Class S500
Well as promised, here is the review of the 2006 Mercedes S500 W221 S-Class. I came away completely blown away from driving this car. Its that good. I was hoping for some time with the car but a change of plans meant that the car had to be in Landshut earlier than expected so I would only be allowed to drive the car for 30 minutes max. Also, Mr. Schultz said that no automotive journalists in the world have yet driven this car: except for me! I feel so damn lucky!

Testdriving conditions werent ideal sadly. The weather was rainy and wet and lighting conditions were poor (for a photo shoot). Great. Everytime I drive a fun car, the weather turns sour (and when I drive not so interesting cars, the weather is nice and sunny!). (more…)

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PeterH on November 7th, 2005

W221 (7)
2005-11-07 I’ve done it!

Now I have finally done it, I have driven the W221 new S-Class. I can easily sum it all up in a big AHH! They have done it again. Mercedes-Benz has once again built a car that will go to history as one of “the best cars in the world”. (more…)

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