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My name is Peter Hedenström and I live in Sweden. I was born in februari 1966, I have a beautyful wife, a wonderful son and 2 excellent yorkshireterriers.

NO SEC (W126C) at the moment, i drive a Mitsubishi Galant!

UPDATE Mitsubishi Galant gone, I am in a Mercedes W202 C180 1995 nowadays.

UPDATE Oh god, i have changed cars once a month for a while now so I wont be updating my car of the moment anymore. I promise you that it will be a Mercedes for sure.

UPDATE Been driving a W169 A160CDI 2009 for a year now and the economy..

My life has been circling around Mercedes-Benz and more specific the W126C “SEC”, since the premiere in Geneva 1981 when I first fell in love with the car. The first reaction of the car was WOW, I thought it was the most beautiful car in the world, and I still believe that today as well.

From 1981 and until today I have owned or had in my possession (about 25-30 W126C SEC´s), from the 380 to 560SEC. I have worked as an “SEC-broker” along this time and I have thru this “profession” been able to drive and experience many many SEC´s.

This site 500SEC.com is my main hobby entirely on my spare time. The idea of 500SEC.com was born in 1999 and soon thereafter 500SEC.com went online.

I Personally have a VERY extensive collection of car catalogues/brochures and model cars on the W126C SEC. It would be provoking of me to say everything that is ever published but I am pretty close to that (at least as far as I know).

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