World Debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 The World’s Fastest and Most Powerful Gran Tourismo BRABUS E V12 Coupe with 800 hp, 1,420 Nm and More than 370 km/h (more…)

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Efficiency can be this dynamic – Mercedes-Benz launches “Formula Green” in the five, four and three-litre consumption class (more…)

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PeterH on November 4th, 2004

Extreme Tuning

sbarro gullwing

These days when a Hollywood celebrity or a famous singers buys him- or herself a new car, they go to the local Mercedes or Bentley dealer and buy themselves a 150.000 dollar car. But that’s not all. For a celebrity a new car is like a new house, without furniture and wallpaper: It needs to decorated!! (more…)

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