Safety first: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with extended Electronic Stability Program (ESP)


  • The successor to ADAPTIVE ESP guarantees greater safety
  • Brake Disc Wipe improves brake response in wet conditions
  • Electronic Brake Prefill ensures that brake response is both rapid and appropriate to the traffic situation

Stuttgart – The introduction of the extended ESP package for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from January 2012 will improve brake performance in critical situations and enhance the safety of passengers and other road users.
ADAPTIVE ESP 9i replaces the current ADAPTIVE ESP 8.1.
This is further proof that safety is one of the fundamental values of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The successor to ADAPTIVE ESP guarantees greater safety

The intelligent ADAPTIVE ESP safety system complements other aspects such as careful driving techniques, effective brakes and sophisticated chassis systems, to achieve the greatest possible active safety. Just like the ADAPTIVE ESP 8.1 safety system, fitted as standard ever since the current Sprinter was introduced, the new ESP 9i takes the vehicle load into account. Depending on the weight and the position of the vehicle’s centre of gravity, the ESP sensors ascertain the vehicle load at any given time; this ensures that ESP 9i can stabilise the vehicle with individually modulated intervention action.

This new ESP system will also intervene selectively if a trailer begins to sway, thus helping drivers to stabilise their vehicle and trailer combination.

ADAPTIVE ESP 9i has two important additional functionalities: Brake Disc Wipe and Electronic Brake Prefill.

Brake Disc Wipe accelerates brake response time in wet conditions

In wet weather, light braking pressure is applied to the wheel brake at regular intervals to wipe the film of water off the brake disc. If emergency braking occurs, full braking power is immediately available. This gains valuable stopping distance compared with braking with wet brake discs.

Electronic Brake Prefill ensures that brakes respond rapidly

If the accelerator pedal is released suddenly and quickly, the brake pads will automatically be gently applied so as to eliminate in advance the air gap between brake pad and disc. If emergency braking then occurs, valuable milliseconds will have been won since the friction surfaces of the pads and discs will already be in contact, facilitating effective deceleration.

This functionality also reduces stopping distance which, depending on the circumstances, will either avoid an accident or diminish its severity.

The new ADAPTIVE ESP 9i will be fitted as standard from January 2012 at no additional cost.

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