New electric cars from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has for a long time chosen to stay away from the electric car market, but has now in recent years made a complete turnaround and started releasing a number of new electric cars in a number of different categories. Today you can buy cars, minibuses, SUVs and transport vehicles that only have electric drive. As usual, the cars maintain a high standard and are available in several different models for different customer categories.

Mercedes-Benz electric cars are quiet, have no emissions but still offer good performance. The range for the largest cars starts around 150 km up to just over 700 kilometers on a fully charged battery. This means that the cars have a range that suits most everyday needs. For those who need a car for longer journeys, there is also Mercedes-Benz as a charging hybrid where you get the best of both worlds, electric drive in cities and internal combustion engine on the highways.

Mercedes-Benz stands for high quality

Whether you are looking for a family-friendly minibus or a sporty SUV, you will find it in the Mercedes-Benz range of electric cars. Mercedes-Benz is a brand that stands for quality and exclusivity. This also means that the price for an electric Mercedes-Benz is higher than for other car brands. Despite this, the electric cars from Mercedes-Benz have been a great success and with future electric car models, the car brand can become a serious competitor to the already established electric car brands. Mercedes-Benz plans to have only electric cars in its range as early as 2030.

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