DTM test at the Lausitzring


AMG customer sport drivers Maximilian Buhk and Maximilian Götz test DTM Mercedes AMG C-Class

  • Successful DTM test for AMG customer sports juniors Maximilian Buhk and Maximilian Götz at Lausitzring
  • Reward for their achievements in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3
  • Mercedes-AMG promotes young motor racing drivers in customer sport

AMG Customer Sports

Stuttgart – On 17th September 2013, Mercedes AMG rewarded AMG customer sports juniors Maximilian Buhk and Maximilian Götz for their outstanding achievements this season with a DTM test drive. At the Lausitzring, Buhk and Götz got their first taste of a DTM Mercedes AMG C-Class racing car from the world’s most popular international touring car series.

Buhk took his place in the cockpit at the start of the test session, whilst Götz took the wheel of the DTM car later in the afternoon. In total, the two SLS AMG customer sports juniors posted 120 laps of the 3.442km DTM track (Buhk: 60 laps / Götz: 60 laps).

Buhk and Götz earned this opportunity to test by virtue of their accomplishments in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. Buhk and Götz were very successful last year: Buhk became European Champion in an SLS AMG GT3 FIA GT3, whilst Götz won the ADAC GT Masters championship in the gullwing.

AMG Customer Sports

The pair won the 24-Hour race at Spa- Francorchamps along with DTM record-breaking champion Bernd Schneider this season at the end of July. This success also marked the 100th victory of the gullwing racing car since the start of AMG’s customer sports programme in 2010.

AMG Customer Sports

Bringing on young drivers in motor racing has a long tradition at Mercedes-Benz. Four of the six Mercedes-Benz drivers currently contesting the DTM previously competed in Formula 3, powered by Mercedes engines. With an average age of 23 years, Mercedes-Benz has the youngest squad of drivers of all the three manufacturers competing in this year’s DTM.

Of the 22 drivers currently lining up on the Formula 1 starting grid, twelve utilised Mercedes-Benz engines during their time in Formula 3. The successful introduction of AMG’s customer sports programme has provided additional opportunities for the systematic bringing on of talent through Mercedes AMG.

Maximilian Buhk:

“It was an absolutely fabulous day and I had a lot of fun testing the DTM Mercedes AMG C-Class. I learned a lot and would like to thank everyone. It really was a super cool experience.”

Maximilian Götz:

“Of course it was mega awesome to get the chance to test the DTM AMG Mercedes C-Class. It’s a dream come true for me and I really enjoyed stepping on the gas and finding my limit. Of course, driving the DTM car felt very new and unfamiliar compared to the SLS AMG GT3 but I felt very much at ease and had a lot of fun. Many thanks again to Mercedes-AMG for giving me this opportunity. I would love to be able to jump straight back in the car and post a few more laps!”

AMG Customer Sports

Uli Fritz, Head of AMG Customer Sports:

“We are pleased that we were able to give Maximilian Buhk und Maximilian Götz the opportunity today to test a DTM Mercedes AMG C-Class. This test shows just what great prospects AMG customer sports can open up to young and successful junior drivers.”

Toto Wolff, Head of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport:

“Maximilian Götz and Maximilian Buhk are two of the most talented drivers in sports car racing and thoroughly deserve this opportunity to test after their achievements in Mercedes-AMG’s customer sport programme. Both demonstrated that they feel very much at home in the gullwing during testing at the Lausitzring.

They posted fast lap times in our DTM car and gave good feedback. For many decades, Mercedes-Benz has been committed to promoting young drivers in motor racing, and many of these aspiring talents have subsequently moved up from Formula 3 into Formula 1 and into the DTM during their careers.

AMG Customer Sports

The success of the two Maximilians shows that Mercedes AMG’s support of juniors can also serve as a springboard for the careers of drivers at customer sport level. I am certain that the two will realise their potential in the future and have the talent to achieve many more successes.”

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