Ears closed before the loud bang

In a first, Mercedes-Benz is making use of a natural reflex to prepare the occupants’ ears for the loud noise normally associated with an accident.     

Nature has cleverly thought of this: a muscle in our ears known as the stapedius reacts to loud noises reflexively by contracting.

The contraction of this tiny muscle briefly changes the link between the eardrum and the inner ear, providing greater protection against high sound pressures.

Mercedes-Benz uses this natural reflex as biomechanical ear protection for the PRE-SAFE® Sound innovation, since an accident may cause noise to which some people react sensitively.

PRE-SAFE® Sound therefore emits a short interference signal through the vehicle’s sound system if the risk of a collision is detected.

This signal can trigger the stapedius reflex, which prepares the ears for the noise and thus lessens the risk of hearing discomfort or damage.

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