W212 Facelift time

The driver gadgets coming on the 2013 Mercedes E-class facelift

There’s an awful lot coming:

• Improved night assistant Not only draws the attention to cyclists and pedestrians but also warns of crossing wild animals
• Dynamic light assistant No longer uses adaptive bi-xenon technology but relies on fast moving multi-directional LED pixels which automatically avoid oncoming traffic
• Intelligent lane assistant Not only monitor own lane but also supervises oncoming traffic and will issue an early collision warning
• Intelligent brake assistant Derived from Distronic III, this radar-based cruise control keeps an eye on the vehicle in front and – as a world first – on cross traffic
• Congestion assistant Automatically follows the vehicle in front at speeds of up to 40mph even if the route involves direction and lane changes
• Magic ride control Employs a stereo camera which scans the road surface and makes the black box adjust damper action accordingly
• Head-up display Extended functions, state-of-the-art graphics, multi-colour imaging
• Car-to-X-communication Recognises police/ambulance/fire brigade vehicles, relays car-to-car messages like black ice or aquaplaning warning, permits partially autonomous driving though brief steering, brake and acceleration inputs

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Source: Car Magazine

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