Aerodynamics for SLK (R171)

KLEEMANN introduces new aerodynamic components for the Mercedes-Benz SLK
Earlier this year the aerodynamic body kit for the AMG version of the SLK R171 was introduced on the amazingly quick KLEEMANN SLK 55K S8. Now KLEEMANN has developed a new programme of aerodynamic enhancement parts for the rest of the SLK line up.

The aerodynamic spoiler kit consists of a front spoiler that reduces the negative lift on the front axle at high speeds. The spoiler also has built-in air ducts providing cooling for the front brakes.
The stylish front spoiler is manufactured from high quality materials and designed to easily fit the stock bumper, which remains intact, and complies with safety regulations.
The rear skirt for the SLK features the well known KLEEMANN diffuser panel that adds the right touch of sport to the neat roadster, while its shape matches perfectly with the trapezoid shaped KLEEMANN tail pipes.
To match the bold looks of the AMG-version the body kit furthermore contains side skirts shaped to comply perfectly with the cars original design and a boot lid spoiler can be mounted for extra down force on the rear axle.
Increased power output for the entry model

The new aerodynamic component kit is introduced on the KLEEMANN SLK20K and fits the SLK 350 as well.
The KLEEMANN C20K is a perfect car in the category of smaller convertibles. The car is powered by the 1.8 litre 4 cylinder Kompressor engine. Fitted with the KLEEMANN Performance kit, power output is increased from 163 Hp up to 210 Hp and the torque curve peaks at 300 Nm compared with 240 Nm on the standard engine.

The extra engine power is matched by big wheels with lots of grip:
235/35-ZR19 tires are fitted on 8.5×19 inch wheels for the front axle and 265/35-ZR-19 tires are fitted on 9.5×19 inch wheels for the rear axle. The SLK 20K can be mounted with the TM-5 wheel (also available in 18″) or the even sportier TS-6 wheel.
The wheel package ensures great driving dynamics without compromising the ride comfort.
As always the car can be mounted with the highly efficient KLEEMANN High Perfomance Brake system featuring vented and cross drilled discs in a left and right version. Disc sizes for the eight-piston KB8 system are 380 x 34 mm for the front axle and 345 x 28 mm for the rear axle. The four-piston KB4 system features discs in 355 x 32 mm for the front axle and 328 x 28 mm for the rear axle.

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