Drooping Headliner Repair and more


This guy has tried it all, I present to you Mr. Chet Hwilka´s list :

1. Valve Stem Seal replacement on 1989 560 SEC (US). (long one)  
2. Common Electrical Connection Failure List  
3 Secondary Trunk Bolt Lock Mechanism  
4 Repairing seized Power Mirror motors  
5 First NJ-NY-PA Meet at Lamberville Station  
6 Spring NJ/PA/NY/DE Meet at High Point  
7 Replacing Transmission Shift Linkage Bushings  
8 Repairing a Drooping Headliner  
9 Repairing a Lazy Wind Deflector  
10 Repairing a Broken Lift/Slide Mechanism  
11 Reading/resetting diagnostic codes with homemade tool  
12 Replacing Speakers  
13 Replacing Rear Subframe Mounts (pdf)                                                DEAD LINK   UNFORTUNATELY  
14 Starter Replacement  
15 First Gear Start Switch  
16 MB Factory Approved Service Products  
17 KC Quickies – June 2003  
18 Cylinder Head Removal and Replacement  
19 Brake Support Bearing  
20 New Acquisition  
21 Spring CoupeFest 2004  
22 Clock Repair  
23 Slide/Lift Roof Mechanism Repair  
24 Bosch F/I System Info  
25 Things That Go Bump in the Rear  
26 Not So Cool Running  
27 190E A/C Compressor Rebuild and System Flush (sys similar to 560)

These links are invaluable.

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