Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2013

Mercedes-Benz Classic meets Mimmo Rotella

Tribute to Art and Craft: Mercedes-Benz Classic meets Mimmo Rotella. The Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2013 is a homage to the S-Class, the Mercedes-Benz top-of-the-line model.
Works by Italian artist, Mimmo Rotella, are combined with motifs of historic S-Class models. The Calendar is available as of now. “With the Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar, we are presenting twelve models from the long history of the S-Class in a new aesthetic setting. The calendar motif for January features Emil Jellinek’s luxurious long-distance saloon, the Mercedes Simplex 60 hp from 1904.

It marks not only the start of the year, but also the origins of the S-Class itself,” says Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic.

Internationally acting photographer Monty Shadow has created twelve expressive monthly photo pages for the calendar. Among other things, the Croatian-born artist is known for his photographs of celebrities from the worlds of sport and show business. For the calendar, he used works by the Italian artist, Mimmo Rotella, and photographs of luxury segment saloons from the Mercedes-Benz product range since 1904.

Shadow merged the photographs of the historic S-Class models with the decollages that are typical of Rotella’s work: these include film posters with popular film stars from the series “Cinecittà” that Rotella has torn, painted or pasted over, and cut up.

For example, the month of August features the Mercedes-Benz 350 SEL (W 116) in the company of silver screen icon Sophia Loren, while in September the Mercedes-Benz 500 SE (W 126) is joined by Superman, Christopher Reeve.

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar 2013 sets the mood for the new S-Class generation, while in the process paying an artistic tribute to the Mercedes-Benz top-of-the-line models, which for decades have set the benchmark for luxury, comfort and safety.

The Calendar 2013 in a 69 x 49 cm format is available at the Mercedes-Benz Museum Shop or online at at a price of 29.90 euros.

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