Mini SLS to challenge 911


The AMG-division of Mercedes-Benz has gotten the thumbs-up for developing yet another model paralell to the new SLS. This as an effort to establish the brand in the supercar segment.

The idea is that a new two-seater model priced below the SLS will be developed by 2013. Although the car is cheaper to build it will ride on the exclusive image that AMG managed to get through the gullwing SLS model. This while the model will be more affordable.AMG model will not look back in time in terms of design but should evolve towards a more contemporary design signed Mercedes head of design, Gordon Wagener. Although the car will be little brother to the SLS, it is unlikely to retain the significant “gullwing” doors. To British Autocar told Wagener that the gullwing doors will not in any way become familiar or standard on the AMG cars. “It works with SLS since it has close links with the old SL,” he said in an interview.Autocar has also managed to find out that the new car will be in the same price range as Porsche 911 and Audi R8 with a price tag of over 145000.The new yet unnamed model will also rival the performance in terms of Porsche and Audi and should have a sprint time under five seconds to 62mph and a top speed of over 155mph.




Source: Autocar via bytbil

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