S65AMG: in a class of its own

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The worlds most powerful series-production car: The new S 65 AMG: in a class of its own. Exclusivity and dynamism in a wholly new dimension: the new Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG in a nutshell. The compelling top-of-the-line model of the brand new S-Class delivers 450 kW/612 hp and reaches peak torque of 1000 Nm more than any other vehicle in this segment. The use of the new, innovative AMG high-performance composite brakes with twin sliding callipers at the front further illustrates the unique technological prowess of the powerful AMG Saloon. The standard specification of the new S 65 AMG includes a new AMG sports suspension based on Active Body Control, the unmistakable AMG bodystyling, multi-piece 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels, DIRECT SELECT gearshift with AMG steering-wheel gearshift paddles as well as the new AMG main menu with RACETIMER. The powerful AMG Saloon stands self-confidently ahead of the competition, testimony to the outstanding role of Mercedes-AMG GmbH in developing extraordinary vehicles and powerful drive systems.
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The new Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG is celebrating its world premiere at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 8, 2006. Its ultra-powerful AMG 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine delivers performance that many sports car drivers can only dream about: it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and 0 to 200 km/h in just 13.3 seconds (provisional figures). The top speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited).

Twelve-cylinder biturbo engine with know-how from motorsport

This exclusive performance is made possible by the 5980-cc V12 engine developed by Mercedes-AMG. The engines credentials are outstanding: maximum output of 450 kW/612 hp is maintained from 4750 to 5100 rpm, while the maximum torque of 1000 Nm can be called on from 2000 to 4000 rpm. Even as low as 1000 rpm, the AMG V12 biturbo engine already delivers 570 Nm of torque to the crankshaft, while 750 Nm is on tap at 1500 rpm.

When designing and building the V12 engine the AMG designers drew on the vast know-how amassed over many years of motorsport involvement. The AMG V12 engine has a precision-balanced crankshaft made out of high-strength materials, forged pistons made out of special material which is extremely resistant to temperature and pressure, a more effective oil-spray cooling system with a separate individual nozzle for each piston plus larger piston pins. The main and big-end bearings are also made out of improved materials to compensate for peak temperatures and pressures more effectively. The charge cycle in the cylinder heads benefits from optimised combustion chambers and longer opening times of the intake valves. A modified oil pump ensures that all lubrication points are supplied with oil – even in highly demanding conditions. An engine oil cooler is integrated into the AMG front apron, with an additional engine coolant radiator located in the wheel arch.

Highly efficient charge-air cooler

The charge-air cooler has also been redesigned with a low-temperature radiator in the front of the vehicle that is around 70 percent larger. The system works on the principle of the air/water heat exchanger for particularly effective cooling of the intake air (which has been compressed by the turbochargers) before it enters the combustion chambers. The increased surface area of the low-temperature radiator provides a 25 percent reduction in intake temperature and guarantees high power and torque output under all operating conditions and regardless of the outside temperature, even when the engine is operating at full load. The housings of the compressor and turbine in both turbochargers as well as the turbine and compressor wheels have been enlarged to cope with the maximum charge pressure of 1.5 bar.

The electronically controlled fuel supply with newly developed components operates with a variable system pressure between 3.6 and 5.0 bar. Depending on the power requirements and outside temperature, the fuel pressure is variably controlled almost instantly. The engine management system translates the command from the accelerator within milliseconds, delivering an extremely fast response from the engine in all load situations.

AMG sports exhaust system for typical AMG twelve-cylinder vocals

The AMG sports exhaust system with two twin chrome tailpipes in the new V12 design provides the telltale AMG twelve-cylinder vocals on the new S 65 AMG. The new tri-metallic coating used in the catalytic converters provides a faster response from a cold start, improved emission control as well as longer life. Naturally the S 65 AMG fulfils all standard exhaust emissions limits such as EU 4. The ultra-powerful twelve-cylinder unit takes the specific requirements of the U.S. market such as LEV II, On-Board Diagnosis II and oxygen sensor diagnosis in its stride.
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The special position of the AMG V12 engine was singled out at the International Engine of the Year Awards 2004: in the Best Performance Engine category the jury chose the 450-kW/612-hp AMG engine as the winner, beating off a field of 70 renowned competitors from Europe, the USA and Japan. In the AMG engine manufacturing facility, each engine is traditionally hand-built according to the One man, one engine philosophy. That means that each complete AMG V12 engine is assembled from start to finish by a single technician  documented with the technicians signature on the AMG engine plate.

World first: newly developed AMG high-performance composite brakes

The completely newly developed AMG high-performance composite brakes based on the ADAPTIVE BRAKE system set new standards in terms of stopping distances, sensitivity and durability. A new twin sliding calliper is used for the front brakes, the kind of innovation people have come to expect from AMG. This new, unique technology combines the advantages of a floating-calliper brake lower heat transfer to the brake fluid and significantly improved ride comfort due to the way the brake pads are located with the performance of a large fixed-calliper brake. At the rear a large sliding frame-type calliper provides the braking. Composite brake discs at the front and rear with a diameter of 390 and 365 millimetres respectively ensure the shortest stopping distances, remarkable strength and outstanding sensitivity. The dual-circuit hydraulic braking system is controlled electronically and supports numerous driver assistance functions that improve safety and comfort. Multi-piece 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels with mixed tyres provide the contact with the road. 255/40 ZR 19 tyres are fitted on 8.5-inch-wide wheels at the front, while 275/40 ZR 19 tyres combine with 9.5-inch-wide wheels at the rear.

AMG SPEEDSHIFT 5-speed automatic transmission with steering-wheel gearshift paddles

The drive power is transferred to the wheels in the new S 65 AMG via the AMG SPEEDSHIFT five-speed automatic transmission with AMG steering-wheel gearshift paddles and DIRECT SELECT gearshift. The conventional automatic selector lever in the centre console is replaced by a lever on the steering column, which the driver nudges to select the transmission settings P, N, R and D.

The driver can use the S/C/M mode button in the centre console to select from the Sport, Comfort and Manual shift programmes that not only change the transmission characteristics but also the accelerator response and the spring/damper settings of the AMG sports suspension based on Active Body Control. The gears can also be shifted at any time using the silver-coloured aluminium gearshift paddles on the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel.

High torque requires a reinforced powertrain

The unrivalled 1000 Nm torque requires a systematically reinforced powertrain on the S 65 AMG. In the automatic transmission this includes newly developed clutch plates with a high-quality metallic coating and the modified shift and torque converter logic. Redesigned drive shafts, larger hub carriers as well as strengthened steel spring links supplement these measures.

AMG sports suspension based on Active Body Control

The AMG sports suspension with the Active Body Control system is the perfect complement to the sophisticated drive technology. The active suspension reduces almost all of the body movements that occur when moving off, negotiating bends and braking. Bends are negotiated with far less roll; the body roll with fast evasive manoeuvring is effectively suppressed. Compared with the previous model, the second-generation Active Body Control is even more effective, for instance in reducing body movements in any given driving situation. Thus the S 65 AMG opens up new dimensions in dynamic handling while offering appreciably improved ride comfort.

Unmistakable AMG bodystyling creates a distinctive look

Hallmark Mercedes elegance coupled with distinctive sportiness the first impression you get from the new S 65 AMG. The new AMG bodystyling is combined superbly with the pronounced flared wheel arches, providing a markedly poised and assured appearance. At the front the redesigned AMG front apron with enlarged air intakes adds an athletic touch. The two slanted struts and integrated round fog lamps set in chrome rings make the S-Class look even wider and lower. The side skirts take up the line of the AMG front apron and emphasise the dynamic feel of the side view; all reinforced through the V12 biturbo lettering on the front wings.

The new multi-piece 19-inch five-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels with a star on the centre of the wheel painted in titanium grey blend harmoniously into the overall lines and represent additional highlights. The powerful AMG bodystyling design of the rear apron and the AMG sports exhaust system comprising two combined twin tailpipes in the new V12 design provide the perfect finishing touches.

Exclusive interior appointments with multicontour seats and RACETIMER

The exclusive interior appointments fit in perfectly with the dynamic exterior: open the door and the S 65 AMG welcomes the driver with a large AMG logo in the AMG instrument clusters central display. The integrated custom AMG main menu constantly displays the gear currently selected as well as recommending when to shift up to the next gear. There is also a choice of engine oil temperature, the battery voltage or the RACETIMER. This new function enables the driver for the first time to calculate lap times in the AMG model on a private racetrack, for instance. The RACETIMER stores the time of the fastest lap, the average and top speed as well as the lap distance; all the information can be called up conveniently using the thumb-operated buttons on the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel. The AMG instrument cluster with its 360-km/h dial discreetly indicates the performance of the S 65 AMG.

The extensive burr walnut trim, the Exclusive PASSION leather upholstery and the AMG dynamic sports seats with their own distinctive design add that touch of distinctive flair. The AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel with its specially sculpted rim and the AMG aluminium gearshift paddles with up and down lettering is a joy to hold and behold. One of the most eye-catching features in the interior of the new S 65 AMG is the exclusive analogue clock with its IWC Ingenieur design in the centre console. High-quality AMG door sill panels provide the finishing touch for the interior.

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