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TEST: Mercedes C219 CLS55AMG


I have almost forgotten that i got to drive the CLS55 AMG some time ago (how COULD i forget that). So here are some images and a little teststory of this super nice car with a a sound that is breathtaking..

I had the monster out

It was a bit slippery on the roads today temperature around zero degrees celsius so i got to see all of the restraintssystems work “in action” so to speak

cls55amg (6)
On dry its hard to keep the swedish speedlimits, so i didnt succeed all the time but i followed the Mercedes speed limiter at least (it is delimited to 250km/h).
cls55amg (9)
This car is a gocart with roof so much comfort and so much engine. It has brakes that halts the car as if “the hand of god” has interferred and stopped you.

cls55amg (10)

This car was equipped with airmatic suspension and has 3 settings. The standard setting is perfect if wanting to ride in comfort at any speed. When you go thru a roundabout in second setting it is as steady as a Go-cart.

I hope to get to handle this car again sometime it has been a HOOT to feel the power luxory and comfort of one of Stuttgarts finest.
cls55amg (2)

cls55amg (5)

cls55amg (4)

cls55amg (8)

cls55amg (3)

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