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TEST: Mercedes W204 C63AMG


August 2009 – This time took the C63 out for a spin and this is a small and sporty car. The acceleration is enormous, think very fast and this is still even faster. Still it is comfortable and quiet. Do you need the power it is there, no matter what rpm you are on just push the pedal.

C63 (7)

The engine is an AMG-designed hand-built 6.2 liter V8 engine with 457 horsepower that makes the C63 do the 0-100km/h sprint in just 4,5sec

At high speed the car is stable as a rock and even though the chassis was sturdy it don’t feel very uncomfortable.

C63 (6)

The 7 speed automatic gearbox called 7G-tronic is totally amazing, i have driven cars with 7G-tronic before but paired with this engine I got really impressed. It sometimes felt like the gearbox knew what I was planning to do. It geared down in the exact correct positions when entering a curve and felt smooth as silk when driving comfortably.

The brakes were as always when AMG is involved, WOW!


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