The future of Mercedes models


R-Classe Facelift
CL Facelift (Name change to S-Classe Coupé)
R-Classe Facelift
New CLS (C218)
E 220 CDI Coupé BE & E 200 CGI BE Coupé, Also as T-Model
V6-CDI (OM642) with 252 PS
Start-Stop-System for 7G-Tronic
New V6 Petrol M276 with Turbo and  directinjection
New V8 Petrol M278 with Turbo and directinjection



C-Klasse (W204) Facelift and Hybridengines
SLS Roadster
A-/B-Klasse (W176 and W246)
New SLK (R172)
New M-Klasse (W166)
7G-Tronic for C-Classe 4-Cylinder Engines, E-Klasse from June 2011
New 4-Cylinder Petrol (M270 for M274 and for A-/B-Klasse Upcoming BR176)



New S-Classe (W222)
BLK (smaller Geländewagen, X156) and A-Class Coupé (C117)
New SL (R231)
Double clutch gearbox (Selfproduced) for new A-/B-Class Family (BR176)
smart electric drive (Starts massproduction)

Please fill in with more facts of what you know of things to come!

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