Active Service SYSTem
Engines are equipped with a microcomputer that monitors the aging of the motor oil via data transmitted by sensors and calculates an individualized maintenance plan for the engine.

A digital indicator in the cockpit notifies the driver of the number of kilometers remaining before the next maintenance check.

All engines fitted e.g. in the C-class (W203) sports coupé are equipped as standard with the Active Service System ASSYST, which registers the varying operating loads individually and takes these into account for scheduling engine maintenance.

On the basis of sensor-derived data such as oil level, oil temperature, coolant temperature, engine speed, road speed and engine load, a micro-computer calculates the actual load on the engine oil and works out a servicing schedule for the engine which reflects this.

The central display in the instrument cluster tells the driver how many kilometers can be covered and how many days or weeks remain before the next maintenance service is due.

The Active Service System includes an oil level sensor which, as well as warning the driver when the oil level is too low or too high and indicating the amount in liters which needs to be added or drained off, also knows when the driver has topped up with fresh oil and extends the oil change interval accordingly.


“Assyst” service computer

Greater economy is also ensured by the long oil-change intervals of 22,500 km or every two years, compared to only 15,000 km with the previous pre-chamber diesel engine and petrol engine.

In conjunction with the optional service computer, “Assyst”, even longer and more flexible oil-change inter­vals of up to 40,000 km are possible.

The multi-function display informs the driver approx. 3,000 km before the next oil change is due.

Maintenance-related labour and material costs and the resulting downtimes have a decisive influence over the life‑cycle costs of a vehicle.

For this rea­son, much care was taken right from the design phase to minimise the Sprinter’s service operations and to develop streamlined work sequences.

Examples of this are the “Assyst” service computer, the easy accessible in­terface between the engine and the chassis wiring harness, the lifetime Sprintshift oil fill and the new STAR workshop diagnosis system, which can be connected up to the vehicle to read out stored faults quickly and relia­bly.

Repairs of worn parts are straightforward thanks to a comprehensive service package, including: the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, pan-Euro­pean breakdown service complemented by a dense network of workshops, the “10 p.m.” workshop service, with some outlets even offering a 24 hour service without a night-time surcharge, the original parts supply service, CharterWay and the vehicle collection and delivery service.

The full service package also covers items of optional equipment such as the loading tail­gate or refrigeration units.


Maintenance when it’s needed

As with all current Mercedes engines, the V8 engine in the new SL-Class is fitted with the excellent service interval indicator ASSYST.

This system enables maintenance to be carried out as and when required and can extend oil change intervals by up to 30,000 kilometres, depending on the sports car’s conditions of use.

The key to this system is a sensor which keeps a constant watch on the oil level and locates sources of contamination in the engine.

ASSYST uses this data to calculate an individual service plan for the engine. It also tells the driver, via the central display on the instrument panel, how many kilometres or how much time remains before the next service is due.

If the oil needs topping up between scheduled services the driver is notified, again via the central display, of how much oil is required. This system removes the need for manual oil checks with the dipstick.

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Service ASSYST 1997-2003

Many Mercedes-Benz Passenger cars are equipped with Service ASSYST. This is a variable service schedule alternating from A to B service – A being a small, routine service and B being a larger routine service.

A service indicator will appear on your display approximately one month or 600 miles before a service is due. Services are normally due between 9,000 and 18,500 miles or between 12 to 24 months, depending on driving style.


Service ASSYST PLUS, 2003-2007

The majority of models produced between 2003 and 2007 were equipped with Service ASSYST PLUS.

This is also a variable service schedule alternating from A to H service, with the letters indicating how much time and work will be expected to be conducted. A indicates a routine service and H would indicate a more in-depth service.


Service ASSYST Fixed Intervals, 2007- Onwards

Many models produced from 2007 have fixed service intervals. Services alternate from A to B and occur every 15,500 miles or after one year, whichever comes sooner.

These fixed service intervals make it easier for you to plan your servicing around your schedule, making it less likely for you to miss a service.

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