Some MB`s like the C-class (W203) sports coupé come as standard with the tire sealant TIREFIT– a collapsible tire is also available at no extra cost.

There are reasons for omitting a spare wheel: For instance, statistics have shown that on average, motorists in central Europe are only unlucky enough to get a flat tire every 150,000 kilometers.

This equates to ten to twelve years of motoring without ever needing the spare wheel. The TIREFIT set takes up very little space in the boot and, including the electric pump, only adds 2.2 kilograms to the weight, some 89 percent less than a conventional spare wheel.

Furthermore, TIREFIT frees up the spare wheel recess to be used as additional stowage space. The tire sealant is based on a special latex solution, which is particularly straightforward and clean to use, without the need for any tools or a jack. The sealant is pumped through the tire valve, the tire is inflated using the electric air pump and the car can then be driven at a speed of up to 80 km/h//50 mph. The sealed tire must be replaced with a new tire at the next Mercedes workshop.

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