Heated steering wheel

Mercedes-Benz has an option called heated steering wheel. This must feel really good when its ice cold outside.

It’s getting increasingly difficult for the consumer to choose from the host of features being introduced by luxury car manufacturers.

There has suddenly been an overwhelming response the world over for heated steering wheels. With temperatures dipping below normal in the winter months, it makes sense to invest in a heated steering wheel cover that helps your hands stay warm while driving.

The mechanism in a heated steering wheel cover consists of an assembly, which uses a thermostatic electrical heating system that generates the desired amount of warmth to your hands while you grip the steering.

Although quite a few luxury car manufacturers do offer heated steering wheel covers, they are sold as an optional accessory. Heated steering wheels are customized in accordance with the shape and size of the steering wheel.

The covers for steering wheels are made up multiple layers of upholstery, which are used to conceal the circuitry, and wiring that generates the heat.

The materials, colors and patterns of heated steering wheel covers vary and can be chosen in accordance with the car décor.

The heated steering wheel covers can be secured to the steering wheel easily as they are customized with Velcro grips attached to the cover. You can always remove the cover when winter departs.

The warmth generated through the heated steering wheel covers can be adjusted according to your preferences. The cover consists of an on/off switch and a regulator to achieve the desired warmth.

Although heated steering wheel covers made of leather are a preferred choice of many, covers made of suede are gaining popularity.

The heated steering wheel covers, which are available with intricate designs on them, complement the dashboards of cars and look beautiful with an outline ambient lighting.

Although heated steering wheels have yet to establish a foothold in the car accessory market, the future for it in the luxury car segment looks bright.


If there are any readers out there with the option heated steering wheel please tell us all if its any good?

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