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TEST: Mercedes E200CDI S212 E-Class

This time we had some time with the 2010 Mercedes S212, the E-Class wagon. In the middle of the winter, obviously.

The E200Cdi with automatic gearbox acts flawless and i did not expected anything else.

Here in Sweden we have been blessed with crispy cold weather with lots and lots of snow for some time now and it doesn’t seem to wanna go away. This car takes care of you like if you were a little baby and guides you to your destination.

Even though -18C and slippery roads you have the help of the anti spin to get where you want to go without any hassle.

Equipped with studded M+S tires the starts both on snow and ice goes without any problems and when the car spin on the ice the anti spin (ETS i believe) starts managing the brakes to adjust so that exactly the correct measure of torque is making it´s way to each wheel moving forward so that the car starts moving forward. Slow but surely forward.

Reventon anyone? Air intake in the car feels a bit stealthy!

Rear window really need the wiper to keep the window clear.

4.9 L/100KM for such a large car is astonishing!

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