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TEST: Mercedes R500 4-Matic

R5004Matic (4)
Today i had the R500 4-Matic out for a spin. If i wanted a minivan that could easy hold 6 grownups i would go for this one. My style is more of a sedan or perhaps a coupe but a minivan, not for me!

My short testdrive of the car made me find out that it is very steady in any situation.
R5004Matic (5)
As of ordinary traffic both city and highway goes it handles like a dream. The size of the car is like mercedes usually makes it, big but it doesnt feel big at all, it follows you the way you want it to behave.
R5004Matic (3)

500big_DSCF0152 (Large)

500big_DSCF0144 (Large)

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