Mercedes 450SL By Ultra Limousine Co

Wider, fatter and more vulgar. Thats exactly what you think when you see the car on this page. Made for Ron Brown, a famous football player of the LA Rams in the late 1980s by the Ultra Limousine Corporation.

All chrome parts were gold plated with 24-carat gold and the car is sprayed in a very good looking candy brandywine color which matches the gold very good (whether you like it or not).

Many 1980s tuners went for the Ferrari look on their Mercedes. Koenig-Specials was one of the first to do the Testarossa like grooves on the side panels of the car. Ultra Limousines have taken this concept to the next level. Not only do the grooves on this 450SL look more Ferrari-like than all the others, the cars electrically operated wing mirrors were ordered straight from the Ferrari factory and were made for the Testarossa. They used to cost 3000 US$ per pair.

Other details on this car include windscreen wipers shaped like eagles-eyes, all 24-carat gold and even fitted with some diamonds. The interior is all white leather, with special electrically operated seats, an high-end Sony stereo with six speakers from Kenwood, a steering wheel by Nardi, wood trimm and a small barr in the rear which unfortunately cant be seen on the photos.

The car is fitted with Center Line wheels which are of course gold plated and have dimensions of the front wheels 15×7 and rear wheels 15×12. Fat Pirelli P7 tires are draped around them. All in all you could say that the license plate really covers it all:

You didnt get the girl with the car, unfortunately.
Testarossa-like side panels finished with 24-carat gold.
Wider, much wider than the original.
Interior with white leather, wooden console and the signature of the (football)player stitched in the seats.
The original Testarossa wing mirrors.
and even more gold

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