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TEST: Mercedes W164 ML350

The Mercedes ML350 is big
Still its very manoeuvrable and I have also had the chance to notice that the car is also very stable in side wind.

The cruise control (Tempomat) now has a feature that I havent noticed before, when you just touch it then it locks the speed as usual but if you touch it a bit harder it sets the speed in steps of 10kmh. It is also possible to set it at 30kmh as the lowest speed.

500big_w164ml (16)

The automatic 7G (7 gear) gearbox is standard and I personally love it, always the right gear and smooth almost unnoticeable changes.

This one also has the manual alternative of buttons on the back of the steering wheel these are the BIG buttons with the function I havent seen earlier. Maybe this is new for the w164 but with these buttons you are able to change gear BOTH up and down with the same button so both left and right button has this possibility. Gear selection is electronic and operated by a lever on the right side of the steering wheel, which works great, takes no time at all to get used to.
500big_w164ml (15)
When driving the ML in modest terrain it handles wonderfully, there is a function called DSR (Downhill Speed Regulator) that when activated brakes the car down to max 6kmh when going downhill, it is a wonderful option that makes going down very steep hills much safer.
500big_w164ml (9)
The Airmatic that this car was equipped with (option) makes it possible the raise the car another 110mm.

My conclusion on the ML 350 is a super car that you should own if you want to enjoy both the open road and also being able to handle the off-road with equally big confidence.


The Mercedes Comand female navigator voice has a speech impediment. Whenever she says left or right (in Swedish that is) she doesnt pronounce those words correctly.

YES, this car is equipped with a cup holder in between the front seats.

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