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TEST: Mercedes W204 C200 Kompressor

To call this a test would be a travesty on test, i had the car for an hour or so.
c200k (4)

I took it for a test drive more or less and what i got out of it is that; compared to an old 190E W201 i just say, WOW Mercedes have come far, but compared to the former C-Class W203 differences were smaller.


Perhaps a bit more sturdy and comfortable and spaces are bigger inside of the car.

The design i don´t know, i feel like most of Mercedes new models coming out takes some time for me to adapt to, but when i do, i really like them.

It is first now 2010 im getting used to the W204 and starting to like it. Maybe its my ripe age of 44 that is taking toll on me but it really try to keep an open mind of new design. That feeling is the same i felt with the CLS C219 when it arrived “OH my god, what have they done” but now, I loove and adore it!

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