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TEST: Mercedes W221 S400 Hybrid

Im soo ashame, all my Mercedes road tests was so long ago i almost don´t have them fresh in memory. So i write what i remember most from the experience of the car. I hope that is ok with you guys and grrls out there.

What i felt when riding in this was that “whats the big deal about”, thank god for saving the enviroment but it felt almost like a S500 otherwise. All Mercedes should have this kind of engine if it could be made for a reasonable price. It has strength wehen you need it and the economy that is very nice to your wallet.

s400hybrid (2)

s400hybrid (4)
The start/Stop function was nice and worked much more in the background than i ever thought it would. The car is so quiet on idle so the difference is not noticeable.

s400hybrid (3)
In conclusion Mercedes-Benz has taken the correct route for our planet and i cannot wait to see their next invention in engines.

s400hybrid (5)

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