The new E-Class. A masterpiece of intelligence

Mercedes-Benz starts 360° campaign to mark launch of the new E-Class

Die E-Klasse. Masterpiece of Intelligence.

Stuttgart.  On 9 April 2016 the new E-Class will be in the showrooms. For the market launch of the 10th generation of the business saloon, using the claim “The E-Class. Masterpiece of Intelligence.”, Mercedes-Benz is starting a worldwide marketing and advertising campaign on all communication channels.

The 360° campaign positions the E-Class as the most intelligent executive saloon of the world, and as a milestone on the way to accident-free and autonomous driving.

Apart from the innovative technology, the new design, the fitness-preserving comfort and the connectivity of the new saloon are attributes with which the loyalty of existing customers is to be strengthened and new target groups are to be won.

In the digital world the campaign shows its presence as a product page at Amazon. For the first time, potential customers are directly able to arrange a test drive on an Amazon product page.

This cooperation with one of the world’s largest online traders also underlines the innovative strength of the Mercedes-Benz brand when it comes to new sales channels.

“The new E-Class, our masterpiece of intelligence sets new standards in safety and comfort and embodies the essence of Mercedes-Benz: The aspiration of perfection.

This is exactly what underlines our campaign”, said Dr Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars.

“To this end we have taken new approaches, and for the first time we have implemented an idea competition of our agency partners in Europe, China and the USA.

Our goal was to find the best campaign idea and also to heighten the stringency of our advertising activities on a worldwide basis while we are reducing the diversity of campaigns in our markets.

We have achieved these wonderful results with the implementation of the creative ideas from China and the USA, which will internationally be played.”


Taking a new approach with Amazon

One highlight of the campaign is the cooperative arrangement with Amazon. The Amazon websites in Germany, France, Great Britain and Japan shows a product page on the new E-Class, with extracts from the interactive web special “The mind behind”.

This allows Amazon customers a new experience with the new business saloon. Using the “Book test drive” button, potential customers can arrange a test drive with Mercedes-Benz.

The cooperation enables the Stuttgart-based premium brand to make a targeted approach and provide more in-depth product information and also allows the generation and direct booking of serious test drives.

The combination of targeting, product experience and test drive booking in several countries exclusive, and is made possible for the first time by Mercedes-Benz and Amazon.

Die E-Klasse. Masterpiece of Intelligence.

The interactive web special “The mind behind” is just as innovative as the features of the new E-Class: Developed according to the “Mobile First” approach and implemented on the basis of the latest technologies, it is a trailblazing project in every respect – especially with regard to performance and usability on all mobile devices.

While a 3D camera moves around the new E-Class, a large city environment appears as a backdrop. Each innovation in the new E-Class is presented in its own environment and made tangible.

In addition to the interactive 3D experience, a modular “At a glance” page presents the most important E-Class information and features with text, photos and videos.

The contents produced for the web special can also be found in the Mercedes me portal and in online banners.

They are also used directly during sales conversations in the dealerships. The agency antoni was responsible for the digital campaign measures.

Die E-Klasse. Masterpiece of Intelligence.

Three TV spots for an emotional experience of automotive intelligence

The automobile future divided into subfunctions can already be experienced in the new E-Class: that is the message of the three TV spots.

They use different themes to show how far the new E-Class is ahead of its time. The spot “The Future” links the future in the form of the Mercedes-Benz F015 with the present in the form of the new E-Class.

The new business saloon is positioned as a milestone on the way to autonomous driving. The spot “The Journey” takes the viewer on a trip through the development of autonomous driving.

Based on Archive scenes recorded from the last 30 years show how it all began, and the advances that have been achieved.

The new E-Class is presently the culmination of this development work. In the third spot, “Intuition”, the focus is on the assistance and safety systems in “Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive”.

Their operating principles are realistically and impressively presented using scenes showing human intuition.

The TV spots are adapted to the needs of different markets, and produced in lengths of 30 and 60 seconds.

In Germany the TV spot “The Future” will first be aired on 21 March. Merkley + Partners (“The Future” and “The Journey”) and BBDO China (“Intuition”) were responsible for the conceptual work and realisation of the TV spots.

The motifs of the six print advertisements present the E-Class as a self-assured statement of intelligence and innovation.

The vehicle speaks for itself: intelligent features that make driving safer and more comfortable. The print campaign will run across the whole of Germany until mid-April in high-circulation news magazines, special-interest media and national daily newspapers.

The print motifs were developed and produced by Jung von Matt and antoni.

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