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Mercedes-Benz Museum as a venue for conferences and parties


We’d love to host your event.  Whether it’s a conference, presentation, gala event or concert – the Mercedes-Benz Museum has established itself in the past 10 years as an outstanding venue that hosts some 150 events every year.

The exhibition on 130 years of automotive history and the multiple-prize-winning architecture lend an unmistakable flair to every event.

At IMEX, the international exhibition for meetings, incentives, conferences and events, the Mercedes-Benz Museum will showcase the unique location from 19 to 21 April 2016 in Frankfurt am Main.



Stuttgart. Because the Mercedes-Benz Museum is more than a museum. Since 2006, it has hosted all kinds of events for 50, 100, 500 or even up to 1200 guests.

The Museum is in no way just a backdrop for an event, but a versatile stage that can also be used outside of the normal opening hours.

Each of the available spaces on levels 0 to 8 has its own character and can be put to flexible use. The possibilities range from a fireside chat or dinner for just a few dozen guests to a large conference or party.

The exhibition itself can also be included – for example with a reception amid the world’s first automobiles, surrounded by prestigious luxury saloons from the 1920s or iconic Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows.

The full portfolio will be presented by Mercedes-Benz Classic from 19 to 21 April 2016 at IMEX. The international exhibition for meetings, incentives, conferences and events is organised by Messe Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main.

The best or nothing: the Mercedes-Benz Museum has for 10 years set the standard when it comes to events.


After the opening of the new building, close to the plant in Untertürkheim, on 19 May 2006, the highlights in the very first year included events surrounding the football World Cup as well as the “Bambi” awards by Hubert Burda Media, while 2007 saw the major motor sport event “Stars & Cars” with several tens of thousands of guests.

The Museum has since established a number of successful event formats as permanent fixtures in the programme: Open Air Cinema (since 2007), Social Media Nights (since 2011), International Animated Film Festival (ITFS) (since 2013), “Cars & Coffee” open-brand classic car get-together (since 2011), classic-car auctions (since 2014) and various concert events.

Außenaufnahmen 2015 High Res

Good advice and excellent service quality

Event customers and agencies benefit greatly from the diverse experience of the Museum’s own organisation team.

Each event is individually planned in close consultation with the client. It goes without saying that expert advice is provided.

The quality of service also includes MB Museumsgastronomie, the in-house caterer, which guarantees the culinary success of every event with top-class regional and international cuisine.

Open Air Kino 2015

The diversity of the event spaces is unique. Depending on the size and nature of the event, clients can choose the appropriate environment, which they can adapt to perfection thanks to flexible furnishings in combination with state-of-the-art technology.

Clients can also decide exactly what role should be played by the Museum’s historical automotive exhibits.

The possibilities include a guided tour through automotive history, a standing reception or even holding the entire event in the midst of the exhibition.

The event can also be given a personal touch by a Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador, such as a former racing driver.

Set Up Casino, Lounge, M1, M2 15.12.2015

The event spaces

Level 1: from small to very large
Level 1 forms the centrepiece of an event. Several event spaces surround the large Atrium, which offers a unique ambience with an area of 1172 square metres and a height of 34 metres.

This offers an ideal location outside of Museum opening hours for standing receptions, concerts, galas, dinners or parties. It can accommodate up to 1200 guests, depending on the event format.

Adjoining the Atrium, the Great Hall is a multifunctional space that can be put to diverse use.

With an area of 498 square metres and a height of 4.42 metres, it lends itself, for example, to conferences, congresses, banquets and parties with between 100 and 500 attendees – including during Museum opening hours.

Outside of opening hours, the Great Hall can be opened up through to the Atrium – an added advantage.

Nacht der Sterne - 22.02.2016 INTERN

Level 8: exclusive and close to the stars
Level 8 of the Mercedes-Benz Museum provides the ideal setting for top-class events. Above the roofs of the city, the 280 square metres of the Casino offer a venue for exclusive events with between 90 and 200 guests, who are free to gaze at the surroundings or at the exhibition, including the world’s first and oldest Mercedes.

Equipped with a kitchen, cloakroom and toilets, this space allows events to be held entirely independently of the Museum’s other activities.

The Casino can also be booked in combination with the adjacent Lounge and Roof Terrace. With an area of 112 square metres, the Lounge is an ideal location for fireside chats, conferences or standing receptions with up to 40 persons.

It offers an intimate and atmospherically charged venue with its own bar. It is adjoined by the 375 square metres of the Roof Terrace, which affords a panoramic view over Stuttgart and the Neckar valley.

It is available outside of normal opening hours for standing receptions, concerts, parties and other events with up to 200 participants.

On summer evenings, it is a place where guests can, in a double sense, be close to the stars.

Schuler Pressen

Level 0: open to any idea for an event
Level 0 of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is extremely flexible as an event location. With an area of 1669 square metres, the Passage is suitable for a wide range of events.

It also houses the Museum restaurant. A further space – accessible from the Atrium by an open staircase – is Fascination Technology, which covers 402 square metres.

It is suitable for hosting conferences, congresses, receptions and many other events for up to 200 guests in the fields of research and design.

Set-Up Townhall-Meeting, 17.12.2014

Outside areas: for open-air events
With an area of 1119 square metres and space for up to 1150 guests, the Open Air Stage is ideal for concerts, cinema and product presentations.

It benefits especially from the unique backdrop of the Museum, which was designed by the architect Ben van Berkel.

Large-scale events can use the hill in front of the Museum as well as the entire open area between the Museum and the adjacent Mercedes-Benz branch as well as the Open Air Stage.

In 2016, the Mercedes-Benz Museum will demonstrate that it is also excellently suited as a stage for large-scale events.

Several tens of thousands of visitors are expected at the party on 4/5 June, which will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Museum.


The Mercedes-Benz Museum brings the legend of Mercedes-Benz to life – and with it the history of individual mobility from the invention of the automobile by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler in 1886 through to the present day.


Since its opening in May 2006, more than 7.1 million people from over 170 countries have visited the Museum to see its display of 160 vehicles and altogether more than 1500 exhibits, on show in an area of 16,500 square metres.


The multiple award-winning architecture by Dutch architectural practice UNStudio is perfectly complemented by the exhibition concept developed by the Stuttgart-based museum designer HG Merz: on nine levels, paths wind in the shape of a double helix along a time axis stretching from the invention of the motor car to the present day.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum is constantly reinventing itself, thanks to a varied programme of attractive events.

The range of attractive events, together with the permanent exhibition and changing special exhibitions, is a significant factor in ensuring that guests from all over the world enjoy visiting the Mercedes-Benz Museum – and do so over and over again.

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