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TEST: Mercedes C180 2001

June 2001 when I went down to Munich on a SEC hunt. I then had the honor to drive a new  C180 2001 for 5 days. The car had a manual 5speed gearbox. My personal opinion of a Mercedes small or large is that it shall have an engine that matches the car. Mercedes is in my and in many more persons eyes an exclusive and even a  luxory car and should live up to that  reputation.

180km/h i rain

The C180 is not a quick car. I am not a racing freak but when I step on the throttle I want things to happen anyway. The gearbox feels tight and i liked it much even though i prefer automatic transmissions.

Racing a BMW @ 210km/h
I maxed out the car on the  autobahn. 210kmh on the speedo. The car ran as on a rail and I even had time to take some pictures in high speed. One hand on the steeringwheel was totally cool. The car does not react nehative to sidewinds either.The car is very quiet at all speeds, the large sunroof is a nice option it even comes with an electrically operated curtain.Tempomat (cruise control) is smooth and effective as it should be on a Mercedes./PeterA pile of Mazdas (in Munich)


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