Dyn APS – Dynamic Autopilot System

The DynAPS is what i would like to call the predecessor of Mercedes navigation.

No map display, just arrows, distance indicators, and voice instructions turn-by-turn.

The Auto-Pilot System APS, developed by Bosch-Blaupunkt and Mercedes-Benz, is a satellite-supported navigation system, which will soon make it easy to get to your destination even in totally unknown surroundings.

The route calculation of the navigation system takes into account the actual traffic news like traffic jams and detours.

The driver enters the town and street and the system guides him along the quickest route to his or her destination. The required information is obtained from the digital road map stored on a CD-ROM or DVD. A magnetic field sensor informs the system about the current driving direction. The APS sensors provide information about the driving route and speed. And the exact geographic location of the vehicle is determined by a satellite-supported navigation system (GPS).

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