Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission

The optional electronically controlled five-speed automatic transmission independently adapts the shift characteristics to the current driving situation and the driver’s own wishes.

When cornering, or on uphill and downhill inclines, the transmission’s electronic unit alters the shift points automatically to prevent sudden gear changes which could otherwise hamper handling.

Continuous comparison of data from various sensors with stored target values allows the transmission to adapt to the current situation promptly. Furthermore, the electronic unit monitors the movements of the accelerator pedal to work out how quickly and up to what speed the driver would like to accelerate.

The torque converter lock-up also activates at low speed, thereby helping to reduce fuel consumption. This operates with a continuous computer-controlled slip, which de-couples the link between the engine and transmission just enough to eliminate any irksome vibrations. The winter program can be activated by pressing a button on the centre console. This makes pulling away on icy or snow-covered roads far easier. The transmission’s winter program also comprises a second reverse gear with a longer ratio.

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