Rapid assistance for heavy trucks

  • Updated guideline for recovery services on the internet
  • Recovery services have an important role in the rapid removal of damaged trucks
  • The guideline informs recovery services how to respond quickly and correctly after a breakdown or accident
Stuttgart – The updated guideline for recovery services covering the Actros, Atego and Axor series has recently become available at As trucks are by nature extremely heavy, the recovery procedure must precise to avoid further damage. The relevant parameters are described in detail in the guideline.
Time is of particular importance when recovering trucks, as the traffic must be allowed to flow again as soon as possible. The recovery service and correct recovery procedures are therefore of great importance. If a truck must be recovered in difficult circumstances, the recovery personnel must not attach the hook just anywhere. In view of the size and robustness of heavy trucks, there are prescribed attachment points for recovery equipment. According to the guideline certain prescribed loads must under no circumstances be exceeded, otherwise the vehicle frame may suffer permanent damage. The guideline explains exactly where, how and by what means the truck may be pulled by the recovery service, so that the maximum permissible tensile forces are adhered to.
After an accident or breakdown, the truck must be towed to the nearest workshop. The guideline explains where the recovery service can raise the vehicle and how to secure it for transport. It is particularly important to know which electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems must be switched on or off during the recovery procedure, and which mechanical connections must be broken. The guideline also explains the meaning of individual displays by the onboard computer in more detail.
The guideline for recovery services has three separate documents covering the Actros, Atego and Axor. The succinct instructions are easy to understand and implement. In addition to the text, the correct procedure is illustrated by photos, tables and diagrams.
The guideline for recovery services is available in several languages as a free .pdf download. It can be found at, following the link “Information and guideline for recovery services”.

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