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TEST: Mercedes E55AMG 2003

Nervous, me? Ooh no!, Ok maybe a little… AARGHH! Who am I kidding !

When taking place behind the wheel in the Mercedes Benz E55 AMG Kompressor 2003 i felt my knees starting to get a bit shaky.
I was about to take this car out for a test drive.
I have heard som many stories and rumours about this car. So many that the car has almost turned in to a myth to me.

I approach the door open it and take place in the drivers seat and adjust it. With my foot on the brake I press the button on top of the gearshift the car starts with a RRROAR revs up to 2800rpm then went down to idle again.
e55_2003 (4)
KeylessGO feels almost as magic! It is like you and the car is in some kind of symbiosis, see my test of the KeylessGO®.

When I put the gearselector in drive and take off in the car i am astounded of how normal the car handles, except for the sound from the exhaust. This sound is as if someone inside the engine is growling and wants you to race.
e55_2003 (2)
No matter what speed you press the accelerator in, this car has more power than anyone is likely to ever need.
As I drive in traffic with this car it feels like a standard e class.
The adaptive 5gear automatic almost makes you believe that the engine has fallen asleep when driving slowly for a while. But should you require to be pushed in to your backrest the power it is there, always present and lots of it.
e55_2003 (3)
The day when I got to drive the e55 was unfortunately a rainy day so a 0-100 test was out of the question, as the ESP® system was working overtime as soon as I touched the accelerator in any way.
e55_2003 (5)
I wouldn’t even wanna think about how i would handle the car without the ESP®. I never turned the ESP® off but the possibility exists with a button on the dashboard (I wonder who would dare to drive this car with out it, imagine wintertime here in Sweden..)


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