Ambient lighting

The exemplary designs of various automobiles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz are truly awe-inspiring.

With the drop dead gorgeous car interiors of this iconic brand, do owners really need a home?

The flawless customized ambient lighting features used in various models of Mercedes-Benz will keep you spell bound.

The ambient lighting aesthetically complements the interiors and gives you a profound driving experience.

You can monitor the glow and brightness in accordance with your preferences. The LED glow on the dashboards and the doors creates a soothing atmospheric vibe, which enhances the feel of the driving experience.

The unique feature of ambient lighting in the Mercedes-Benz brand of cars are the soft textures of light that are emitted.

The emission of light is stunning and has a calming effect on the eyes. The dynamic levels of brightness blend with the lavish car décor.

You can choose from a variety of ceiling spotlights with automatic modulation or choose to vary the degree of lighting with the master controls on the dashboard.

The silhouette of colors used in roof lighting and console lighting are tenaciously beautiful.

From model year 2010 the lighting was possible via COMAND to set in 3 different color and intensities.

The ambient lighting used on the outlines of consoles highlights the bold shapes and curves of the dashboard.

The LED’s and light emission diodes can be customized to complement the décor of your car. These lights last longer and consume less energy than the regular bulbs used mostly in dome lighting.

There is a variety of customized ambient lighting options available in the Mercedes-Benz brand of cars.

The finesse of each fixture emitting light can be installed in accordance with the styling and design of décor in the various models of luxury cars created by Mercedes-Benz.

The atmospheric ambient lighting enhances driving pleasure and forms an integral part of luxury cars.

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