How to survive the autobahn

Many people are driving in Germany during their summer vacation. Here are some tips on how to drive safely on the autobahn:

Keep a long view forward to see if there is a queue or as called in german “stau”, these queues build up very fast and can be very long. A good habit when travelling fast and coming up on a slow moving queue or a complete stop is to start flashing your hazard light a couple of times to get the attention of people coming up from behind.

  1. Keep a secure distance to the car in front of you this is VERY important!
  2. Make sure that there is fuel in your car. a stop on the autobahn could be very dangerous
  3. If you plan to go fast then make sure that your vehicle is loaded with luggage in a proper weight balance, your car behaves very differently in high speeds and with additional weight.
  4. Check tire pressure before you set off if you plan to maintain high speed for long distances.
  5. Stay in the right lane as much as possible unless driving fast.
  6. You might think 230km/h is fast but when being taken over by a ferrari doing 330km/h you feel as if you are standing still.

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