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New light-alloy wheels from Mercedes-Benz Accessories


Stuttgart. High-sheen bichromatic wheels and large wheels up to size 53.34 cm (21-inch) continue to enjoy great popularity. Accordingly, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is expanding its range of these light-alloy wheels.

Just in time for the changeover from winter to summer tyres, the new models are available for numerous model series. In all, the diverse product range from Mercedes-Benz Accessories currently comprises around 170 different wheel designs, including two models for the new Mercedes-Benz SL, that is available at Mercedes-Benz dealerships as of
31 March.

High-sheen bichromatic light-alloy wheels derive their additional appeal from the interesting contrast between the apparently bare metal surface and the painted areas. They lend the vehicle a yet more exclusive appearance and are considered by the designers at Mercedes-Benz to be more than just a passing fad.

Accordingly, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is now extending its range of bichromatic wheels. The popular wheels in single-tone painted finish also remain available.

The trend towards larger wheels fitted flush with the outer body contours is also continuing in all categories of vehicle. This design style signals power, dynamism and driving stability. Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH also has new products to offer in this area – such as the 5-twin-spoke wheel in bichromatic design in size 53.34 cm (21-inch) for the M-Class.

For spring 2012, Mercedes-Benz Accessories is offering new light-alloy wheels for numerous vehicles including the following model series (situation as per March 2012):


incenio 5-spoke wheel, 45.7 cm (18-inch)
Surface finish: matt satin silver / high-sheen
Wheel size: 8.5J  x 18 ET 35.5 (A231 401 2902 7×34)
Wheel size: 9.5J  x 18 ET 47.5 (A231 401 3002 7×34)

incenio multi-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface finish: palladium silver / high-sheen
Wheel size: 8.5J  x 19 ET 35.5 (A231 401 2702 7×19)
Wheel size: 9.5J  x 19 ET 47.5 (A231 401 2802 7×19)


incenio 5-twin-spoke wheel, 53.34 cm (21-inch)
Surface finish: Himalayas grey / high-sheen
Wheel size: 9J  x 21 ET 53 (A166 401 2707 7×21)


incenio 5-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface finish: tremolite metallic
Wheel size: 7.5J  x 19 ET 47 (A204 401 8902 7×28)
Wheel size: 8.5J  x 19 ET 52 (A204 401 9302 7×28)

incenio 5-twin-spoke wheel, 45.7 cm (18-inch)
Surface finish: Himalayas grey
Wheel size: 7.5 J x 18 ET 47 (A204 401 9102 7756)
Wheel size: 8.5 J x 18 ET 54 (A204 4019 202 7756)

E-Class (Saloon and Estate)

incenio 5-twin-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface finish: Himalayas grey / high-sheen
Wheel size: 8.5J  x 19 ET 48 (A212 401 4802 7×21)
Wheel size: 9.5J  x 19 ET 48 (A212 401 4902 7×21)

E-Class (Coupé and Cabrio)

incenio 5-twin-spoke wheel, 48.3 cm (19-inch)
Surface finish: Himalayas grey / high-sheen
Wheel size: 8J  x 19 8 ET 44 (A207 401 1902 7×21)
Wheel size: 8.5J  x 19 ET 48 (A212 401 4802 7×21)

Highest quality standards

The same high safety standards apply to all the light-alloy wheels on offer – there are no differences in quality between the models belonging to the standard and optional equipment and the versions available from Mercedes-Benz Accessories. All wheels are required to meet the same high standards.

Neither certification nor registration with the TÜV technical inspection authority are required when fitting the light-alloy wheels from Mercedes-Benz Accessories, as they all form part of the vehicle homologation.

The customer always receives a product which is tailored perfectly to Mercedes-Benz vehicles: it supports their exemplary ride comfort and high driving dynamics and fulfils the high requirements of the design idiom, additionally combining high performance with an outstanding service life.

These merits result on the one hand from close collaboration between the vehicle development staff and the wheel development specialists. In order to win their Mercedes stars, wheels additionally have to pass a comprehensive test programme which goes well beyond the statutory licensing requirements for use in road traffic.

This includes effective testing procedures geared towards the toughest service conditions encountered in real driving conditions, even extending to tests in cutting-edge x-ray systems and computer tomographs.

Care and handling tips

Even the best development programme, the most innovative production technology and a perfectly coordinated test programme are unable to influence how customers treat their vehicles, including the valuable light-alloy wheels. The manner in which wheels are handled continues to have a major influence on their value retention and the safety of the vehicle. Useful tips:

  • Clean the winter/summer wheels thoroughly after changing in the spring/autumn, regardless of whether steel or light-alloy wheels are fitted
  • Do not use aggressive cleaners. Products recommended byMercedes-Benz are gentle agents which will clean the wheels effectively
  • Do not clean with sharp or rough sponges
  • Observe the specified wheel tightening torques. Wheel bolts which are too tight or too loose will damage the wheel in the long term
  • Do not oil or grease wheel bolts, as at the specified tightening torque this will result in excessive pre-stressing, which may cause damage to both wheels and bolts
  • Use only genuine Mercedes-Benz wheel bolts
  • Check the wheels after they have taken heavy knocks, e.g. when driving through deep potholes. If deformation is visible, be sure to have the damage checked at a dealership
  • Fit only the size of tyre approved for the wheel
    • When carrying high payloads and/or towing a trailer, adjust the tyre pressure accordingly and be sure to observe the permissible wheel loads

Information on changing wheels or tyres as well as storing wheels is available at every Mercedes-Benz partner.

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