Last 203 Series C-Class Station Wagon

Last 203 Series C-Class Station Wagon Rolls off Assembly Line in Bremen
Approximately 360,000 C-Class station wagons from series 203 sold since market launch in 2001
Plant director Rainer Genes: “The Bremen plant is the only one that makes C-Class station wagons. I’m proud of the know-how and dedication of the Bremen team.”
The last C-Class station wagon of the 203 series rolled off the assembly line at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Bremen on Thursday, marking a major milestone in the success story of the Mercedes Benz C-Class. Approximately 360,000 units of the C-Class station wagon have been sold since the model was launched in early 2001. The last vehicle produced at the plant, a black C230 Kompressor equipped with right-hand drive, will go to a customer in England.
The director of the Bremen plant, Rainer Genes, is satisfied with the work that’s been accomplished. “The Bremen plant is the only one in the Mercedes Car Group production network that makes C-Class station wagons,” he says. “I’m proud of the Bremen team, who have made a major contribution to this success story. Their know-how and dedication have put the ‘Made in Bremen’ label on every C-Class station wagon in the world.”

In the coming months the Bremen plant will be focusing on preparing for the production launch of the successor series’ model. The series 204 station wagon will celebrate its world premiere this fall. The new C-Class station wagon’s high level of utility makes it a real standout. Like the new sedan, it will also set benchmarks in terms of safety, comfort and agility.

Ever since its market launch at the end of March 2007, the C-Class sedan, which is being produced in the Sindelfingen, Bremen and East London (South Africa) plants, has met with an enthusiastic response from customers all over the world.

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