Maybach Golf Cup 2009

Final tournament at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles
The finals of the Maybach Golf Cup 2009, which began in spring in Dubai, took the form of a Pro-Am tournament: teams of four comprising three amateurs and one pro competed against each other in what’s known as a Texasscramble. A luxury Maybach car was the sensational bonus for anyone who scored a hole in one.
Among the guests were artist David LaChapelle, LA Lakers basketball player Didier Ilunga-Mbenga and actor Dougray Scott. Also Kyle MacLachlan known from the US TV series ’Desperate Housewives’ was enthusiastic about the event: “Maybach is one of the most amazing cars ever made, so that part is fun and we’re playing at one of my favorite courses in Los Angeles, The Riviera. So I said, well those two things together – I got to be there.“
The exclusive atmosphere of the event was reflected in the choice of venue for the evening’s entertainment: 1407 BenedictCanyon. This is the coveted address of the Hollywoodestate which can count fashion icon Valentino among its list of former residents. The year of construction, 1930, made BenedictCanyonthe perfect setting to unveil the new Maybach Zeppelin. After all, the decade that followed saw the original version of the car become the ultimate in luxury automobiles. The new Maybach Zeppelin sets a new benchmark in the class of high-end luxury saloons, epitomising the values of style and elegance in the 21st century, and turning automotive engineering into an art form.
The glittering line-up of entertainment for the 2009 Maybach Golf Cup also included an evening function with a charity auction in support of Maybach’s community projects. Social involvement is just one feature of the Maybach brand. Proceeds collected from successful bidders will go to the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation and Mentor LA Partner Schools. These two not-for-profit organisations run educational programmes that empower young people from underprivileged backgrounds.
The Maybach Golf Cup 2009 is a continuation of the company’s highly regarded annual tournament series, which the high-end car maker has staged at exclusive clubs around the world since 2007, raising the Maybach profile among all involved.

Stuttgart – The finals of this year’s Maybach Golf Cup brought invited guests of the high-end car maker to Los Angeles from 18 to 20 October. The tournament series, which has quickly established itself on the golfing calendar, reached its climax in 2009 at the Riviera Country Club. This private club, just a stone’s throw from Sunset Boulevard, is a dream destination for any golfer thanks to its fabulous location, perfect playing conditions and breathtaking views of the Pacific. Existing and potential Maybach customers were being given the chance to mix in exclusive circles and indulge in their passion for golf at one of the world’s finest and most illustrious courses.














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