Mercedes-Benz Citaro for South-East Asia

  • SMRT to test the Citaro in Singapore for the local market

Stuttgart/Singapore – The first Mercedes-Benz Citaro is now undergoing tests in Singapore with the SMRT transport authority (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit). This step marks a new milestone for public transport in Singapore, as this is the first low-floor bus in Singapore – and indeed in the whole of South-East Asia. Successful test operations could open the way for further Citaro urban buses to join the SMRT fleet. Singapore has a history as a pioneer with urban buses. In fact the TIBS (Trans Island Bus Singapore), which subsequently became part of SMRT, was in 1996 the first operator to run Mercedes-Benz articulated buses in Singapore. A long-standing Mercedes-Benz customer, the company currently operates 900 urban buses in its local public transport fleet, of which 770 are buses based on the Mercedes-Benz OC 500, O 405 and O 405 G chassis.

The Mercedes-Benz Citaro is one of the most successful vehicles in the history of regular-service buses. Now in its second generation, more than 27,000 units have been built since series production began in 1998. Its reputation extends around the world, due to its use in almost every major European city, and beyond. Launched at the UITP Congress in Stuttgart in 1997, the Citaro has enjoyed success after success in both an urban and rural context. Further evidence of its outstanding position as the leader in its segment is to be seen in record sales of some 4000 units in 2009.

One of the factors behind the success of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro is of course the broad scope of its range. This world best-seller among low-floor urban buses now comprises 28 different variants. This unique diversity of models is made possible by a sophisticated modular system that allows a custom-made solution to be found to suit every customer’s needs. This scope extends from the 10.5-metre‑ long compact Citaro K through to the four-axled large-capacity articulated CapaCity bus, at 19.54 metres long, derived from the Citaro modular system. This unique concept means a solution can be found within the Citaro range to meet any public transport requirement at all from either urban- or rural-bus operators.

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