New Swedishbuilt Mercedes-ambulance

Now presented a new ambulance based on the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The ambulance is manufactured by a Swedish company in Halmstad.
– The drive broaden our offering to both the Swedish and export markets, “said Ulf Corn, CEO of Nilsson Special Vehicles AB.

The prototype of the new ambulance based on the Mercedes E-Class unveiled at a conference for managers in the Swedish ambulance, ambulance personnel and vehicle manufacturers.
– The prototype is the result of a development that has taken place in close contact with DaimlerChrysler Sweden AB, says Ulf Corn, CEO of Nilsson Special Vehicles AB, which produces, among other things, manufactures ambulances based on the S80 .- Both of our ambulances, it combines the modern passenger car comfort , performance and handling with professional treatment options, “said Ulf Corn.DaimlerChrysler delivers the extended due to the car and the body of the cab is made of the Laholms company. To care cab to fit the new E-class ambulance has a number of technical adjustments made, but the furnishings and equipment is the same whether the cab is mounted on a Mercedes E-Class or the “original”-the ambulance, the Volvo S80.



– With the start of the conference, we collect observations, it may continue the development process, “said Ulf Corn.
A Nilsson-built Mercedes E-Class, an ambulance can be put into production in spring 2006.

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