Til Schweiger’s first action thriller celebrates its premiere in Berlin

The “Guardian Angel” drives a Mercedes-Benz

Berlin/Stuttgart. Til Schweiger is switching film genres: after roles in such successful comedies as “Kokowääh” and “Keinohrhasen” (“Rabbits without Ears”), his new film entitled “Schutzengel” (“Guardian Angel”), which celebrates its premiere in Berlin today, is an emotional action thriller with a touch of international flair.

Two Mercedes-Benz vehicles play an important role in the exciting and thrilling getaway chase involving professional hitmen and mercenaries: an E-Class Coupé and
an M-Class. Mercedes-Benz is supporting the premiere gala event by providing an exclusive shuttle service for VIP guests. The film is set to open in cinemas on 27 September 2012.

“We are delighted that Til Schweiger’s latest film features a number of star-branded vehicles which are depicted playing an important role”, according to Anders Sundt Jensen, Head of Brand Communication for Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Playing just as important a role is of course the cast: top-class stars such as Moritz Bleibtreu, Heiner Lauterbach, Herbert Knaup and Hannah Herzsprung support Schweiger in his role as “Guardian Angel”. Also appearing alongside him is his daughter Luna, who is playing the role of Nina.

About “Guardian Angel”

Fifteen-year-old Nina witnesses a murder committed by Backer, a ruthless arms dealer. As a result, the Department of Public Prosecutions assigns Max Fischer, a former German Special Forces soldier, to protect Nina’s life, given that Backer badly wants her out of the way.

Since Backer is clearly paying a mole within the Department of Public Prosecutions, Max can no longer trust anyone: he therefore has to flee not only from Backer’s killers, but also from his own police colleagues. Orphan Nina has had a tough upbringing, and no longer trusts any adults in her life – as a loner himself, Max understands this but he needs her support if he is to save her.

This life-threatening, almost hopeless situation bonds the two of them together – they become friends and take refuge with Rudi, Max’s wartime best friend. And when Public Prosecutor Sara discovers that her ex-boyfriend Max has taken the protection of Nina’s life into his own hands, she is also prepared to help the two of them escape.

However, neither Rudi nor Sara can prevent Backer’s men from picking up their trail again.

Photo: © 2012 barefoot films/Warner Bros. All rights reserved.

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