Torque Vectoring Brake


The Torque Vectoring Brake provides the 2009 S-Class with added safety in critical conditions and even greater agility by specifically braking the inner rear wheel in bends so as to enable precise cornering by the saloon without compromising on driving dynamics.

Torque Vectoring Brake optimises driving dynamics and handling safety

A further improvement in driving dynamics as well as active handling safety comes courtesy of the new Torque Vectoring Brake. If the Electronic Stability Program ESP® detects the onset of understeer, short one-sided braking intervention on the vehicle’s inside rear wheel generates a specific yawing moment around the vehicle’s vertical axis within a fraction of a second.


Consequently, the AMG S-Class handles precisely and remains under control at all times as well as also bolstering active handling safety by reducing the tendency to understeer. The Torque Vectoring Brake is standard on the S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG.

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