car2go Enters New Agreement with The City of Austin’s Car-Share Austin Program

  • More than 21,000 Austin residents register with car2go
  • car2go brings the newest in carsharing technology to Austin

AUSTIN, TEXAS — car2go, the largest carsharing network in Austin, Texas, announced today the completion of its two-year car2go North America Pilot Program with the City of Austin. Under a newly signed agreement with the City of Austin’s car share program, car2go will continue operations in Austin.

car2go, developed by Daimler as the world’s first free-floating carsharing network, launched its first North American Pilot Program with the City of Austin and its employees in November 2009. In May 2010, car2go opened its services to the public in Austin and, in less than two years, has grown to include more than 21,000 registered members.

“The City of Austin is committed to bringing the best transportation options to its residents, and our new car sharing program will be a tremendous addition to our transportation system in Austin,” said Mayor Lee Leffingwell. “The residents and businesses in Austin now have more transportation options, with the overall goal of reducing downtown congestion and improving the overall quality of life in Austin.”

“car2go has received a remarkable reception from the residents and businesses of this forward-thinking city since we first launched here in Austin two years ago,” said Nicholas Cole, president and CEO of car2go North America.  “We look forward to continuing to work closely with the City of Austin and the Car-Share Austin Program.”

“As the first North American car2go city, Austin will continue to be the home of our corporate headquarters and a showcase city for building on the success of the car2go carsharing model, which has redefined traditional carsharing with a truly flexible point-to-point transportation solution,” Cole went on to say.

Introducing the Latest in Carsharing Technology
In January 2012, car2go will begin to introduce several electric vehicles in Austin as part of its commitment to providing the most innovative and environmentally-friendly carsharing options to its members. The car2go smart fortwo electric drive vehicles will be marked with “Electric Drive” on the side, and information about the vehicles and how to recharge them will be shared with members via email and social media.

Beginning this month, car2go members in Austin will see an updated version of the “telematic” touch screen inside the vehicle. A zoom-in and zoom-out function will now be available on the GPS navigation, and the map will now include indicators for each car2go designated parking space, so that members can easily find parking.

car2go Around the World

The success of car2go in Austin has allowed car2go to expand to new cities throughout North America. In June 2011 car2go launched its first Canadian city in Vancouver, British Columbia; and in November 2011 car2go launched the first all-electric carsharing network in North America in San Diego, California. In Europe, car2go operates in Ulm and Hamburg, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Vienna, Austria. Throughout the next several years, car2go will expand globally to more than 50 cities worldwide. As the car2go business continues to expand, Austin will remain a showcase city for car2go in North America, and it will continue to be the home of the car2go North America corporate headquarters.

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