smart forstars concept car in the spotlight

smart at the Paris Motor Show 2012

Stuttgart/Paris.  With the smart forstars, smart is continuing its series of clever concept vehicles and also offering a glimpse of the brand’s future design idiom. smart’s presentation in Paris will focus on the world premiere of the electrically driven two-seater that features an integrated video projector.

Further new products that smart is presenting at the Mondial de l’Automobile are the special model smart fortwo edition iceshine and the dynamic smart BRABUS electric drive.

With the concept vehicle smart forstars the urban global brand is hitting the nerve of a target group that is at home in the cities of the world. The electrically driven smart forstars is an SUC (Sports Utility Coupé) with room for two people and plenty of stowage space.

Its name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the glass dome above the passengers that gives a clear view of the starry sky. At the same time it hints at the witty idea of integrating a video projector in the front bonnet. This enables the work of film stars to be spontaneously shared with friends at any time.

The latest smart fortwo special model is the “edition iceshine”, a vehicle combining a fresh and sassy look with chic equipment details. The vehicles in this limited series are available in exclusive azure blue or in white and will be rolled out to dealers in October 2012. The smart fortwo edition iceshine is available as a coupé or a cabrio, with a 52 kW mhd petrol engine or a 62 kW petrol engine.

The smart BRABUS electric drive proves that cutting-edge urban mobility can be combined with lively agility and a sporty look. The electric motor is based on the state-of-the-art drive technology of the new smart fortwo electric drive and has an output of 60 kw

It delivers maximum torque of 135 Nm, which means that the smart BRABUS electric drive almost always wins when pulling away at traffic lights. It has a top speed of 135 km/h. The new BRABUS sports suspension makes a decisive contribution to driving pleasure.

smart forstars

An amazing drive-in cinema experience

smart is reaching for the stars. With the concept vehicle smart forstars the urban global brand is hitting the nerve of a target group that is at home in the cities of the world. The electrically driven smart forstars is an SUC (Sports Utility Coupé) with room for two people and plenty of stowage space.

Its name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the glass roof above the passengers that gives a clear view of the starry sky. At the same time it hints at the witty idea of integrating a video projector in the front bonnet. This enables the work of film stars to be spontaneously shared with friends at any time.

The smart forstars will be premiered at the Paris Motor Show 2012. The show in the trendy French capital is a local affair for smart as the brand’s production facility is located in Hambach, Lorraine. The colour of the expressive coupé is also a reference to the venue of the world premiere.

It is painted in the extravagant colour “alubeam rouge” that creates an appealing contrast to the matt metallic titanium colour of the tridion safety cell. And thanks to the 60 kW magneto-electric motor from the new smart BRABUS electric drive, the zero-emission smart forstars is agile and lively.

smart boss Dr Annette Winkler says: “The smart is Europe’s most inexpensive series-produced electric car. Not only is it emission-free and fast, it is also possible to conveniently set the perfect interior temperature in advance with a smartphone, and it is simple to charge at a domestic socket. What’s more, with its powerful battery and integrated projector the smart forstars can transform any grey backyard into an animated open-air cinema.”

The compact smart forstars (length/width/height: 3550/1710/1505 mm) is therefore not only a mobility concept with ample space for two people and a generous cargo area under the glass tailgate, it is also a communication concept that needs no more than a free house wall for a spontaneous cinematic experience.

The media player of the projector integrated in the front bonnet is operated via Bluetooth® from an iPhone®. A high-quality sound system with additional loudspeakers in the ventilation openings behind the doors enables the drive-in cinema experience to be perfected for friends as well.

The exterior design: sassy and friendly with extremely short overhangs

The smart forstars is immediately recognisable as a member of the smart family, yet it also boasts striking new features – and not only its silhouette offers a look at smart’s future design idiom. It greets the viewer with a saucy smile on its friendly yet assertive face.

The rhombic design of the front and rear lamps is very striking. Outer rings illuminate the indicators and daytime running lamps with a large number of LEDs. The lamps seem to push outwards like arrows – like drips on the cockpit window of an aeroplane as it takes off.

The “eyebrows” above the front headlamps are just one of many of the lovingly created new details. They give the headlamps a new U-shaped look. The transparent red sun visor above the windscreen takes up this idea and lends the coupé an even more squat road stance. The tail lights can even be opened. The charging socket for the high-voltage battery is found inside the right-hand tail light, whilst the left-hand one has space for a beverage can.

The study has a longer wheelbase than the current smart fortwo (2470 mm/plus 603 mm) and a wider track (front 1475 mm/plus 193 mm, rear 1475 mm/plus 90 mm) and these also emphasise the confident look. At the same time the extremely short overhangs at the front and rear make it exceedingly compact. All four wheels have been positioned at the outer corners of the body – a typical smart feature.

The smart forstars shares the main features of its body with the smart for-us, which caused quite a stir at the Detroit Motor Show at the beginning of the year. The smart forstars, too, features convex and sensuously shaped body surfaces.

The large brand emblem is proudly sported on the grille, and the front has a pronounced three-dimensional design. Where rally cars have an air scoop on the bonnet, on the smart forstars a video projector is integrated here as an ironic highlight.

There is a convex glass coupé roof above the passengers’ heads. It joins seamless

ly with the glass cover over the cargo area which opens upwards. Like the smart for-us, the lower tailboard at the rear can also be opened electrically. To start with, the tailgate slides down in a parallel position, then the cargo floor including tailboard retracts by 280 mm. The cargo on the 900 mm cargo area is then extremely easy to access.

Shiny black trims that continue below the side skirts draw attention to the wheel cutouts. The smart forstars rolls on Michelin sports tyres measuring 245/35 ZR 21. The wing nut covers of the three-spoke wheels are an attractive detail.

The sporty, sassy character of the smart forstars is also emphasised by a striking and technically very complex red alubeam finish. “Alubeam rouge” has a wet look that provides an exciting and very modern contrast to the matt and distinctly metallic appearance of the titanium-coloured tridion cell.

The interior: stylish, uncomplicated and individual

Sleek, taut surfaces in mother-of-pearl white combined with precisely designed technical functional elements in brushed aluminium – the interior is characterised by contrasts. The colour “alubeam rouge” that is also used as an accent colour in the interior creates a link to the exterior.

Stylish, uncomplicated, highly functional and easy to individualise – the two seats in the concept car are typically smart.

The seat shells, which are open in the middle, are covered with a soft fabric throw giving them a hammock-like seating feel. The graphic elements and different red tones of the covers indicate a progression and thus underline the dynamism and the very trendy aspect of the vehicle.

As the covers can be removed in next to no time, simple individualisation with other throws is conceivable. Practical: when the seat cover on the passenger side is removed, long items can be loaded through the seat of the smart forstars.

The seats are trimmed with high-quality white bag leather with exquisite white piping. Perforated leather in the door panelling forms a further sophisticated contrast and emphasises the high quality of the materials used.

Like the smart forvision and the smart for-us, the whole cockpit boasts aerodynamic styling for interior ventilation. The control and display elements are oriented to the driver. Just as the cockpit module divides the instrument panel, the two-spoke steering wheel is open at the top.

In place of a conventional rear-view mirror the smart forstars features a smartphone accommodated in a holder at the top of the windscreen. The driver can see what is happening on the road behind with the help of an integrated video camera. The smartphone also serves as a media source and controls the projector.

Stowage compartments to the left and right of the high-quality cargo area fitted with aluminium rails offer additional stowage space.

Electric drive – driving fun with zero local emissions

The electric drive of the smart forstars is based on the innovative drive concept of the smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive. Compared to the production model of the smart electric drive the output of the magneto-electric motor has been increased to 60 kW, giving the smart forstars agile and lively performance.

With 135 Newton metres of torque it boasts powerful, lag-free acceleration and can overtake other vehicles with the greatest of ease. The vehicle has a top speed of more than 130 km/h and the lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 17.6 kWh

smart fortwo edition iceshine

All white, or sky blue?

The latest smart fortwo special model is the ‘edition iceshine’, which combines a fresh, cheeky look with chic equipment details. The first vehicles in this limited series available in white or exclusive azure blue will be rolled out to dealers in October 2012. The smart fortwo edition iceshine is available as a coupé or cabrio, with a 52kW mhd petrol engine or a 62kW petrol engine.

The smart fortwo edition iceshine is the latest in a long line of attractive special models from smart, and shows once again how extensively this two-seater can be customised. Its appearance is unusual. The tridion safety cell comes in white, while the bodypanels are available in a choice of two attractive colours: white, or an azure blue specially developed for this edition.

Other exclusives include the white alloy wheels, with their new 3-double-spoke design and wide tyres in size 175/55 R15 (front) and 195/50 R15 (rear). These tie in nicely with the white tridion safety cell and door mirror caps. The LED daytime driving lights and special logo on the mirror triangle also identify this edition.

The sporty, top-flight feel continues in the interior: all edition iceshine models come with exclusive leather-effect seats with a white fabric insert on the backrest and white stitching, plus a 3-spoke leather sports steering wheel with shift paddles and white stitching.

The rings round the dashboard instruments and some contrast components are also white. The audio system basic, comprising an RDS radio with USB and AUX ports for your MP3 or CD player, two integrated loudspeakers and an additional drawer below the operating unit, is fitted as standard – as are the exclusive floor mats.

Limited to 1,800 vehicles, this model is based on the passion equipment line. Among other standard features, it therefore comes with the softouch automatic gear programme, electric windows, air conditioning with automatic temperature control, and a panoramic roof with sunblind. Electric power steering, heated seats, a lockable glove compartment, the smart sound system with five loudspeakers and other optional extras are also available.

What is more, the smart audio system navigation/multimedia, black leather-effect instrument panel, BRABUS 3-spoke sports steering wheel with steering wheel gearshift and smart cradle for the iPhone® 3/3GS and 4/4S are available for the edition iceshine at special prices.

smart BRABUS electric drive: ordering starts 27 September

More e-power!

smart is expanding its portfolio of zero-local-emission cars to include the particularly dynamic smart BRABUS electric drive. Like the production model, the uprated variant is available as a coupé and a cabrio.

Electric driving pleasure à la smart plus an extra portion of driving dynamics. That’s the smart BRABUS electric drive that can be ordered from 27 September. Its powerful electric drive is based on the technology of the new smart fortwo electric drive, but it delivers more of everything.

For example, peak power output of 60 kW and maximum torque of 135 Nm which, in conjunction with a more agile response to the accelerator pedal in the sports programme, provides for noticeably better acceleration. The bundle of power achieves the sprint from 0 to 60 km/h that is relevant in inner cities in just 4.4 seconds.

“The smart BRABUS electric drive is our sports car with a green heart”, says smart boss Dr Annette Winkler. “Electric driving in the city is more fun than ever with short bundle of power.” The same applies outside city limits: the smart BRABUS electric drive sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds and with a top speed of 130 km/h it is also a little faster than the basic model. And despite the enhanced performance it has the same range of 145 kilometres (NEDC).

Dynamic and distinctive appearance

The smart BRABUS electric drive also has a particularly dynamic look. Like the BRABUS Xclusive vehicles, the smart BRABUS electric drive is available all in black, white or silver. Dark BRABUS headlamps, BRABUS “Monoblock VII” alloy wheels (16″ at the front and 17″ at the rear) and BRABUS Xclusive aerodynamic body styling parts complete the sporty look.

Numerous BRABUS Xclusive components accentuate the exceptional position of the electric two-seater. These include the instrument panel and interior door trims in leather optic, leather seats, stainless steel sports pedals with rubber nubs, BRABUS hand-brake handle, BRABUS dashboard instruments (battery charge indicator and power indicator), and the BRABUS sports steering wheel with rocker switches for manual battery recuperation (incl. sport programme). A special rear apron insert with double reflectors rounds off the sporty look.

BRABUS is offering the “electric green style package” as an option. The tridion safety cell, door mirror caps and BRABUS front flaps come in electric green, the radiator grille is painted in the bodypanel colour, and interior accent trim parts and contrast components also come in electric green.

All electric smart customers can also opt to make their vehicles even more individual and can choose from an almost unlimited range of colour and material combinations offered in the smart BRABUS tailor made programme.

“Like all smart BRABUS vehicles this smart also follows our philosophy of more style, more power and more exclusiveness”, says Bodo Buschmann, CEO of the Bottrop customiser BRABUS. “Our smart electric drive version appeals to customers who attach importance to environmental friendliness and also want even more sportiness and exclusiveness.”

Electric power from any socket

With the optional rapid charging function the empty battery of the smart BRABUS electric drive can be fully recharged in just an hour. Charging at a wallbox takes around six hours in most countries and seven hours with electricity from a domestic socket. smart will offer wallboxes in future in cooperation with SPX, one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology solutions in the fields of energy and automotive as a global installation and service partner, and with KEBA, a specialist for innovative E-charging
infrastructure and wallboxes.

Technical data – an overview

  smart fortwo electric drive coupé & cabrio smart BRABUS electric drive coupé & cabrio
Motor (type) Electric motor (magneto-electric motor) Electric motor (magneto-electric motor)
Continuous output in kW 35 35
Max. power in kW 55 60
Max. torque in Nm 130 135
Acceleration 0-100 km/h in s 11.5 10.2
Acceleration 0-60 km/h in s 4.8 4.4
Maximum speed in km/h 125 130
Range in km 145 145
Battery capacity in kWh 17.6 17.6
Battery type lithium-ion lithium-ion
Charging time (230 V) without wallbox in h 7 7
Charging time (230 V) with wallbox in h 6 6
Charging time rapid charging (400 V/22 kW) with wallbox in h 1 1

Starting electric mobility

From 27 September the new smart BRABUS electric drive can be ordered from smart dealers in 11 countries.

Prices in Germany (incl. 19% VAT):

coupé cabrio
smart BRABUS
electric drive
€29,990.00 €33,080.00

Always know how far you can go: smart BRABUS vehicle homepage

As with the smart fortwo electric drive, the smart drive app can also be supplemented with functions tailored to the smart BRABUS electric drive. The current state-of-charge and the SmartCharging charge configuration can be controlled and managed via a web portal from a home computer, a tablet pc or with a modern smartphone.

What’s more, the vehicle homepage offers every smart fortwo electric drive customer a chance to visualise the range on an interactive map with 3D views. The nearest public charging stations can also be seen at a glance. If a desired destination is further away than the available range the vehicle homepage can be used to quickly check how long the battery still needs to be charged for to reach it. Among other factors, the depiction of the range considers the topography and the route profile.

The intuitive graphic depiction that can be combined with 3D views and satellite images is a particularly attractive feature. Furthermore, the vehicle itself can also become active: information on the state of charge and range can be sent by email or Twitter message, for example. The driver is notified as soon as the desired range can be reached with the current charge.

Intelligent charging

The smart BRABUS electric drive can be connected to the internet at home via a standard powerline adapter (Homeplug AV) for SmartCharging. After entering the planned departure time in the vehicle or the web portal the vehicle will be fully charged in a battery-saving and economical way.

Public charging is very straightforward. With Plug&Charge the vehicle identifies itself as soon as it is plugged into a compatible charging point and the charging process is settled automatically.

Completely carbon-neutral and zero-emission motoring with renewable energy

In Germany all new smart fortwo electric drives (BRABUS and standard model) will be completely carbon-neutral. Daimler will additionally provide as much “green” electricity as all new smart fortwo electric drives and smart BRABUS electric drives sold in Germany consume – without support measures from the Renewable Energy Act.

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