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TEST: Mercedes E350 S212 E-Class 2010

The gasoline engine in this Mercedes E-Class is a real gem. It makes you wonder if there really is a need for the V8 E500.

It runs smooth and very nimbly. Both torque and power at high rev´s is available.

The cars interior is very tight, I don´t care much for the washbasin aluminium panels but as it seem to be many that appreciates that  i am sure there is a market for that also.

Haven´t had it out for so long so that i can evaluate fuel consumption but as the engine has much power at low rpm´s and the very effective 7G-tronic automatic gearbox i imagine that economy on this engine wont be disappointing to anyone.

Please if there are any owners of the 350 out there let me know what you think of the engine economy.

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