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TEST: Mercedes W212 E220CDI

My very first time in a W212 E-Class was with the test drive of the E220CDI.


Hudiksvall 2009-09-15

The car felt very sturdy and more tight than the W211 ever felt, yet comfortable. It was very quiet both in the city and on the highway, a treat i always have admired Mercedes-Benz for even though more db´s measured in tests it feel less noisy than the Bmw´s do IMO.


Engine wise the E220 is a gem, with a 2.2litre 4 cylinder in a row that put out 170hp@ 3000–4 200, torque 400Nm @ 1 400–2 800 rpm.very smooth and rather powerful for a diesel. The car i drove was equipped with a 5speed automatic gearbox and that behaved very civilized as it should, no surprise there.


The DRL (Daylight Running Lights) “gimmick” Audi started that all manufacturers seem to join in on nowadays is a good thing but as i am living in Sweden where we have had a law to have the light on low beam during daytime since 1980 just for the safety it brings when possible to be seen much earlier. I personally hate the “hockeysticks” Audi´s straight ones and the one the W221 S-Class is equipped with is much more aesthetic to look at.

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