A.R.T. G streetline

  • Based on the G55K AMG
  • Brand-new wide-body version of the classic “G” model

  • Premiered at the Dubai Motor Show December 15-20, 2009
  • Complete rebuild with aerodynamics, performance, leather, exhaustsystem, xenon lighting system, additional headlamps, individual seats, monoART1 22″ light alloy wheel rims, special chassis, and a whole lot more

In the wake of the triumphant arrival of the “AS55K YAAS EDITION”, A.R.T. has created yet another unique vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz G55K of AMG in time for the Dubai Motor Show 2009: its name A.R.T. G streetline. The essential features of this new concept vehicle are enhanced performance, an innovative lighting system, modification into a wide-body design, a superior wheel/chassis combination, and a giant leap in the quality of the interior furnishings.

The A.R.T. G streetline has been completed just in time to be premiered at the Dubai Motor Show, which takes place December 15 to 20, 2009.

The AS55K performance boost kit for the basic AMG G55K vehicle includes a pulley set for a more powerful compression ratio, a flow-efficient manifold exhaust, a six-pipe stainless steel exhaust system, two metal sports catalytic converters, 76mm Y-pipes, high-performance engine control, Vmax removal, optimized transmission control adapted to the new performance, a transmission-oil cooler system, a charge-air cooling system with pump, and a large charge-air cooler. The culmination of the conversion is an engine performance of approximately. 442KW (601 metric hp) at approx. 800Nm. This translates into around 260km/h or 160mph. This variant is intended for export only.

The newly developed lighting system uses a xenon premium high bi-xenon dual main headlamp system.

The body and aerodynamics have been transformed with the A.R.T. G streetline Wide Body Kit. Incorporated into the redesigned front bumper is an additional lighting system in the shape of a triple beam xenon headlamp set and a chrome-covered LED multifunctional lamp providing daytime illumination and turning signal. A modified aero hood, form-optimizing running board trim, fender extensions including LED running board lighting, a rear bumper with integrated LED rear lights, a roof spoiler with LED brake light and illuminated entry ledges on all five doors with the A.R.T. logo together contribute to the all-round harmonious design of the A.R.T. G streetline.

The wheels and chassis are stylishly upgraded with a new A.R.T. special chassis and the light alloy 22″ rim monoART1 with 305/35R22 PIRELLI SCORPIO ASSIMETRICO tires.

A generous hand has been applied to the interior of the A.R.T. G streetline. The rich interior fittings in warm, fragrant, Bordeaux red nappa leather bewitch all the senses. The leather upholstery has been perfected with white contrasting seams, with white contrasting welt, and dark contrast appliqué in the ceiling area. The center consoles front and back, ceiling paneling, instrument board, handbrake grip, handbrake cover, all door paneling, the gearshift lever covering, the paneling of the A, B, C, and D pillars, and, of course, all four seats are upholstered in leather. The ergonomically optimized sports multifunction steering wheel with airbag has been fashioned in Bordeaux red leather and fine wood. The ambient lighting has been converted to a gentle red shade. The speedometer clock face scale has been extended to 330km/h or 205 mph with embossed A.R.T. and G streetline labels. A total of six velour carpets in black and red with embroidered A.R.T. and G streetline labels have been laid in all the foot compartments and in the trunk.

A highlight of this model is the specially developed single seat system. Seats can be electrically adjusted, heated and are also equipped with ventilation. Between the two individual seats is a handcrafted center console with storage compartments.

As a Mercedes Benz tuner specializing in SUV models, A.R.T. has established a core competence in the development of complex special customizations for discerning customers.

A.R.T. has already proved a reliable and flexible partner to the royal family of Abu Dhabi for the equipment of its vehicles. Visitors to the Dubai Motor Show 2009 will once again have an opportunity to see the quality and creativity of small German tuning specialist A.R.T.: Implementing innovative motorcar customizations is their daily passion.

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