Mobility and value-stability guaranteed for a car’s entire service life

In many European countries, Mercedes-Benz guarantees the mobility and value stability of all newly produced passenger cars.
 The rust-protection warranty and the MobiloLife mobility warranty are valid for four years, without restrictions. Thereafter, a long-term warranty of up to 30 years takes effect, on the condition that the car is regularly serviced at a Mercedes-Benz franchise workshop. A warranty claim may be submitted as long as no more than two years have elapsed since the last maintenance service.

The MobiloLife warranty covers the cost of repair of rust damage (from the inside out) to the body or underbody, provided the repairs are performed by a service provider under contract with Mercedes-Benz, within a period of up to 30 years.

What’s more, the car owner’s mobility is ensured during the time period in which the rust repairs are being carried out. The spectrum of services offered by MobiloLife is equally comprehensive in the event of breakdowns and other problems.

In such cases, Mercedes customers are entitled to many warranty services free of charge for the service life of their vehicles (up to a 30-year maximum) if they regularly have their cars checked at a Mercedes-Benz franchise service workshop, beginning in the fifth year of the vehicles’ service life.

Within the first four years of the life of a Mercedes passenger car, MobiloLife also assists drivers who experience small mishaps that lead to breakdowns, including the loss of a key, a dead battery, low oil or coolant levels, tyre damage or inadvertently filling a car with the wrong fuel.

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